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Whether you’re moving out of an office, shop or warehouse or renovating part of your home, a successful strip out and demolition will prepare it for future use. Goodbye Junk can help you hand the property over by removing all redundant fixtures, fittings and systems.

This includes temporary floors, walls and ceilings, built-in cabinets and tabletops, store frontage, workstations, electrical wiring and anything else that has to go.

After everything has been safely removed, we ensure the entire space is thoroughly cleaned and ready to be transformed into something new. Our proven service means you don’t have to lift a finger – you can just sit back and relax while we manage the project and do all the hard work!
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Residential, commercial and Industrial

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All redundant fixtures, fittings and furniture removed

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Fully insured and fully qualified

What Does A Strip Out Involve?

A strip out involves removing all the non-essential elements from a room or building so you can hand it over to new owners or back to the landlord in its original form. Goodbye Junk’s ‘make good’ service will give you the confidence you need to leave your office, shop or warehouse as you found it!
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Temporary Floors And Ceilings, Non-Load Bearing Partitions

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Lighting, cables and cable trays, heating and ventilation, air conditioning units

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Store frontage and signage, workstations and desks, cabinets and tabletops

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Gas, water, electricity and tele-communications

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Commercial Strip Outs

If your lease is running out or you’re selling the space, you need to make sure it’s returned to a blank canvas for the next tenants or owners. Goodbye Junk is able to thoroughly strip out and clean up any commercial space in Sydney so it’s ready to be handed over.

We offer complete ‘make good’ strip outs for your office, shop or warehouse, whether it’s big or small. We also understand the requirements of business owners and strive to deliver all items in a state that can be re-used or sold if necessary.

We know time is money and you’re choosing our services for their convenience. Our team has many years experience in strip outs and are experts with all of the equipment they use. We specialise in saving as much time as possible so that your downtime is minimised.
Our complete commercial strip outs include:
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Office Strip Outs

If you’re looking to clear an entire office floor or remove a single wall or cubicle, Goodbye Junk is ready to help! We offer a complete office strip out solution for anyone moving or renovating an office space in Sydney.

We get rid of office cubicles, walls, floors and ceilings as well as dismantling bolted fixtures. We’re able to remove furniture, machinery and computers so they’re ready to be re-used or sold. Many old pieces of equipment or machinery need to be disposed of and we can make sure their parts are recycled appropriately.
We specialise in restoring the area to a clean slate so it’s ready for your next project or the next tenants. Our fast and affordable office strip outs include:
Goodbye Junk machineries collecting rubbish

Residential Strip Outs

The Goodbye Junk team are experts at all types of residential strip outs and minor demolition jobs. Our team is ready to help prepare your space for any kind of renovation, big or small. We’re able to safely handle any home strip out project whether it’s for a kitchen, bathroom, flooring, garage, carport, garden features or fence.

We can remove all built-in cabinets, bench tops, sinks, showers, toilets and kitchen appliances like the dishwasher. If you just want to replace these fixtures, we can make sure all gas, water and electrical outlets are also turned off and left intact for the new items.

If you’re looking to renovate your interiors, we can help by removing all fixtures, electricals and utility systems. Our team can even work below ground if you want to expand your foundations or add a basement space.

We take care of every step of the process from start to finish. We plan, schedule and execute all stages of the job ourselves, including waste management so that the clean-up is as fast and easy as possible.

Kitchen And Bathroom Strip Outs

Before any renovations can be done, your kitchen or bathroom requires a professional strip out of everything no longer needed. This includes getting rid of all your unwanted fixtures and appliances so that contractors can get to work as soon as they arrive.

Strip outs can often be difficult in many buildings with old plumbing and electrical systems and you’ll need a professional team to take care of it. That’s where the crew from Goodbye Junk can step in!

Our experienced and fully-insured team can get rid of the sinks, countertops, cupboards, benches and flooring as well as all the old appliances. We’ll leave you with a clear and tidy space so you can get to work as soon as possible. Our complete kitchen and bathroom strip outs include:
Our complete kitchen and bathroom strip outs include:
Goodbye junk worker stripping out wires on the wall

Drywall Removal

For anyone beginning a renovation or redecoration in their home or business, a common obstacle that needs to be removed is the drywall.

Goodbye Junk can quickly and safely remove all drywall surfaces that you no longer need. We’re able to perform this convenient and affordable service in homes, offices, retail outlets and hospitality locations. We also take all the materials away and clean up after ourselves, meaning the space is ready as soon as possible.

There’s also a regular problem with many poorer drywall products across Sydney that were cheaply produced overseas. These drywalls are made with low quality materials that are detrimental to your health. Goodbye Junk’s professional team can safely remove this hazardous material for you.

Small Scale Demolition

As well as performing strip outs of fixtures, utilities and drywalls, Goodbye Junk is also able to perform minor demolition works too.

This includes taking apart floors, ripping out door frames and demolishing non-load bearing walls. Our demolition crew is a perfect choice for anyone renovating and wanting to leave a clean slate for the construction workers.

Our team can confidently perform demolitions for specific rooms or across an entire store or buildings. We offer a great solution for anyone who’s redesigning their home or repurposing a space for their business.

Goodbye Junk provides the highest quality demolition services for your home or business. We do all our demolitions in the most effective, thorough and tidy way possible.
Our small scale demolition services also include:

A lot of rubbish and debris can accumulate as the result of a demolition – that’s why we dispose of all waste in a safe and responsible manner. We will take each piece of item to the relevant recycling plant.

Our team will recycle all the materials that we can and leave the space spotless for you or your contractors to begin work on. When all of the debris is removed we can also provide receipts as proof that the disposal has been done professionally.

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Matthew LyleLand clean up
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Lynne & David HodgsonComo, Kareela + Strathfield
Mum going to retirement village
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Giles Lim
Giles LimSydeney CBD
Construction And Strip Out
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Richard Lam - Chester Hill
Richard Lam - Chester HillFlood-Damaged Property, 3-Bed House, Furniture Etc.
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Donna Richards
Donna RichardsDeceased Estate
Kogarah NSW 2217
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Alison Ridge
Alison RidgeDeceased Estate
June 2021
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Early in 2021 it became apparent that my 92 year old mother was not going to survive the cancer that first afflicted her in late 2019. My father had previously passed away in 2017... Read More
Aden Hines
Aden HinesBellambi NSW
Entire Home Clean Up After Water Damage
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Mum had a hot water leak under her house that went undetected for several months, this led to a super-sauna under the house, causing almost everything she owned to get mouldy and significantly affecting her health... Read More
Gary Daniels
Gary DanielsGarage Clean Up
Bangor NSW
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Grahame Hackney
Grahame HackneyKitchen & Bathroom Stripout
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Ian Chen
Ian ChenNews Agency Strip Out
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Richard Harling
Richard HarlingDeceased Estate
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Emma Grant
Emma GrantWarriewood NSW 2102
Deceased Estate
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My sister and I were tasked with the daunting task of clearing out the family home after the passing of our mother. The house, and in particular the double garage, had accumulated 35+ years of junk!... Read More
Cassidy Brindle
Cassidy BrindleBalgownie NSW 2519
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Lynette Davidson
Lynette DavidsonRiverwood
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Roger Shaw
Roger ShawWarilla NSW
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George Tzikis
George TzikisRevesby
Multiple Jobs
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Bridget Croft
Bridget CroftHousehold Clean Up
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Anthony Matta
Anthony MattaGreystanes NSW Site Clean Up
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Diana Abel
Diana AbelHouse Clean Up
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Peter Lanford
Peter LanfordMultiple Jobs
Greenhills Beach, 2230
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Dwane Byrne
Dwane ByrneMultiple Cleanups
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Jeanette ProutKiama Downs NSW 2533
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LouisaMultiple Jobs
Chester Hill NSW
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Vanessa King
Vanessa KingManly NSW 2095
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Fifi Jones
Fifi JonesMultiple Jobs
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In 2017 I moved my retail shop to new premises - I didn’t have time to work out what I didn’t need. So, I took everything. Once Id sorted out what I did’t need. I new what I did need... Read More
Marcella Zemanek
Marcella ZemanekCoogee Beach
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Vicki McMurray
Vicki McMurrayRuse NSW 2560
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Moving house is daunting enough but after being in our rental for 13 years it was time to move. We had accumulated a lot in that time and needed to do something about it... Read More
EsmeeBanksia NSW
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When I needed help during the stressful time of unexpectedly moving my mother out of home and into Aged Care during Covid I found the regular channels of charity donations/collection centres closed... Read More
Stephen Peters
Stephen PetersBalmain NSW 2041
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We had recently moved out of our home for extensive renovations that lasted almost 12 months. We were so busy in the lead-up to moving out that we just put most of our belongings, junk included, into storage... Read More
Rachel. Rushcutters Bay
Rachel. Rushcutters Bay
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We’ve used Goodbye Junk on two occasions and have been very happy with their services: once they removed weather beaten furniture from our outdoor terrace and the second time removing old furniture from our living room... Read More
Juliana M
Juliana M
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We were preparing for a renovation and urgently needed to discard our old bulky furniture. The access to our property is long, narrow and very steep so this wasn’t a job we could do ourselves... Read More
Annie Mealing
Annie MealingWilberforce NSW 2756
Home Clean Up
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I have been widowed for some time now and most projects I can handle on my own but when I decided to move to Queensland I had two very heavy lounges to move which proved impossible for me... Read More
JamesBradbury NSW
Home Clean Up For Sale
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Mija Crasnich
Mija CrasnichClear Outs
Wollongong NSW
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We needed to clear out underneath a very old property in a small amount of time and really didn't know where to start. We searched the internet for the best solution for our needs and thats when we came across Goodbye Junk... Read More
Lizzy H - Luxo Living
Lizzy H - Luxo LivingWetherill Park NSW 2164
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Our Furniture store needed old unwanted items cleared out on multiple occasions, as part of my duties for Luxo living I was responsible for arranging a rubbish removal pick up... Read More
Chris Mendes
Chris MendesJob
Croydon NSW
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Goodbye Junk were engaged to help me remove much of the furniture, paperwork and clothing from my parent's retirement unit once they moved to a nursing home. The house was pretty full of junk and old clothes... Read More
Goodbye junk workers on a ladder in a room with a another worker holding the ladder

Why Choose GoodBye Junk For Your Strip Out?

We’ve Got All Of Sydney Covered!

With our fleet of famous yellow-and-black trucks and a passionate team of experts, we’re able to service all areas of Sydney for your Strip Out and Demolition needs. This includes the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Inner West, Hills District, Sutherland Shire, Western Sydney and all of Illawarra.

Simply let our team know where you’re located and we’ll have a truck heading your way in no time!
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Ready To Book Your Home Garage Clean Out?

For your next garage clean out, look no further than Goodbye Junk’s home garage cleaning service! Prices start from as little as $100 per m3 of garage junk, with your space left looking spotless afterwards.