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If you’re worried about the cost of your Sydney house demolition, get in touch with Goodbye Junk!

We provide affordable services for any demolition job, ranging from a strip out in preparation for a single room renovation right through to the complete interior house deconstruction throughout the Sydney area – and we will give you a free quote before we start.

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Household Rubbish Removal

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Construction Rubbish Removal

Our team are highly experienced with all kinds of demolition work, and we will provide fast and efficient services on any job from a partial strip out to knocking down walls. The cost of our Sydney house demolition service is very reasonable, so you are sure to be pleased with the result!

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We also take care of all aspects of Sydney house deconstruction ourselves, from planning and scheduling the project to waste management, so you won’t have to try and organise a group of unrelated sub-contractors to get the job done.

Our team can help you prepare for a renovation of any size. If you only want to redo your kitchen or bathroom we can take out fixtures, remove tiles and strip out your drywall, while if you want to do a larger renovation we can completely gut your house.

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We can take out your drywall, plumbing, wires, floorboards, carpet, fixtures and even entire walls (as long as it won’t compromise the stability of the building). Whatever your needs are for a strip out, we can meet them all – and at a surprisingly low cost for a Sydney house demolition service!

If you want to take out your entire interior so you can redesign your building space, we can provide that service too. Our team can remove any walls or floors you like so that you can start again, and we can even go below the ground if you need to expand the foundations of your house or build a new basement.

Our wall knock downs are also reasonably priced, so that you can keep your budget secure for the rebuild. With Goodbye Junk you don’t need to fret about the cost of a Sydney house demolition – our team will bring down any structure in your house quickly, efficiently, and above all affordably!

We will also dispose of all waste for you, and dispose of it properly. We do a complete clean-up of the site after we finish, making sure that we remove every last bit of debris and other materials you want to get rid of, and we will provide you with the receipts that you need to show council to prove that it has all been disposed of properly.

Our house deconstruction services in Sydney are also compliant with all local council and NSW Government codes. We will take care of all of the compliance procedures and paperwork for you, so that you don’t need to worry about anything apart from planning how you will use your new spaces.

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We’ve got Sydney and Wollongong covered

For this end of lease make good, look no further than Goodbye Junk’s strip outs service! Competitive pricing combined with seamless execution and delivery for your peace of mind.