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Matthew Lyle

Matthew Lyle

Land clean up


I own a vacant piece of land in Campbelltown NSW for constructing a property. Given it's a developing neighbourhood where many others are also building at the same time.

One or more of the nearby build sites illegally dumped garbage onto my land which was extremely upsetting.

Goodbye Junk visited the site the same day and provided a cost-competitive quote, including providing the excavator required to remove all of the garbage. They seemed more professional than other removal companies that I was in contact with and we agreed to the job. The team arrived at the site on time and completed the full job within a few hours, sending me photos of the site before and after. The garbage was fully removed as I hoped and I was able to erect a fence the following morning to prevent further illegal dumping.

I really was happy with the level of professionalism the team at Goodbye Junk displayed, including the initial phone call all the way to the completion of the job.

Goodbye Junk were highly professional throughout, including clear and timely communication, as well as a follow-up after the job to ensure I was satisfied with their service.

I would highly recommend Goodbye Junk for any junk removal tasks and am confident they will provide a cost-competitive and professional service.


Lynne & David Hodgson

Como, Kareela + Strathfield

Mum going to retirement village

We have used Goodbye Junk 3 times now, clearly their services are great. The men who came are always professional and polite, they help out as much as possible, and their pricing is great.

The first 2 times was for us, and the 3rd time we had to clean out my Mother-in-Laws place, as she went into a Care Facility, and she was a "massive hoarder" - we had already used the Council Garbage Bins around 5 times, but there was just way too many larger items still left to remove, plus things you are not allowed to put into those Bins. There was actually 2 truck loads in the end, and we had underestimated 1 truck load, but the guys went off with the first load, and came back within 30 minutes to pick up the balance - Wow.

We had previously used another company, who we would not use again - no comparison with Goodbye Junk. Again, we have used Goodbye Junk 3 times now, and super happy with their professionalism, their pricing, their timely manner in arrival and removal of junk, and their staff.

We would HIGHLY recommend them to anybody wanting to have items removed."

Giles Lim

Giles Lim

Sydeney CBD

Construction And Strip Out

After reviewing about 6 subcontractors for a large job to clear out construction waste over 1000m3 in a building in the city, I finally decided on Goodbye Junk. It was a difficult job as it was in the city and access was not easy.

Furthermore there were apartments and offices all around our building so the work had to be done in a professional manner.

Nam came to quote on the job and was very punctual and gave the quote quickly without much fuss. He always conducted his business in a very polite and professional manner, which made it all hassle free for the building owner.

They inspected the site and put the required protection to the lift and carpet so that there would not be any damage/dirt left behind. Any dust was subsequently vacuumed and they left the place clean and tidy. They were always punctual and the work was completed quickly, efficiently and on time and unlike other subcontractors they don't try to hit the owner with variations.

We have subsequently used Goodbye Junk for another large job as we now trust this company to deliver. They are the type of company where you can instruct them once and they will get the job done, while you can get on with other things in life. Would not hesitate to recommend Goodbye Junk to potential customers as it is very pleasant to deal with a company that has honesty and integrity and provides top quality work at reasonable prices.

Richard Lam Chester Hill

Richard Lam - Chester Hill

Flood-damaged property, 3-bed house, furniture etc.

My parent's house was severely damaged by a storm, so we had to get rid of everything due to water damage. At the time I had no idea how I was going to handle the issue with the amount of mess that was made.

I was looking around online for various providers and ended up getting better customer service and pricing from Goodbye Junk. I called and the removalist came and gave a quote along with very kind service to my distraught parents.

The Goodbye Junk team really helped my parents get through a tough time with compassion and a fair price, which allowed my parents to have some ease with the overall circumstance. I found that Goodbye Junk was fairly priced, quick, efficient and most of all the removalists were very kind.

The entire house had lots of debris and junk that had to be removed. When the removalist arrived, they were very kind, compassionate and understanding. My parents were quite upset and they really helped with the level of service and also the reasonable price.

My advice to anyone who has gone through a similar experience or require item removal assistance would be to Give them a call, they'll be sure to help!

Donna Richards

Donna Richards

Deceased estate

Kogarah NSW 2217

I contacted Goodbye Junk to assist me with the clean out of our Late parents’ residence. Our father was quite the hoarder, so the task was extremely overwhelming,

and I really did not know where to start, from the initial phone call I spoke with Nam who arranged a time that was convenient to arrange a quote and was surprised that the work started immediately.

The stress I felt as to the enormity of the task was lifted from myself as this clean out would have taken me years.

My first point of contact with the customer service with your call centre made me feel at ease, understanding of our circumstances and gave us the time to think and talk through the process of how the job would be handled. The men worked so hard and took our feelings into consideration. Gave us the time to go through some of the personal effects that we thought were sentimental like photos. All our concerns were met during this time if we felt we needed some time to just sit and go through the personal effects that time was given to us. George, Mohammed and Matais treated us with kindness and respect at this difficult time.

In all the job took a total of 4 full days to complete. It was surprising that this job could be done within that time frame. When accepting the quote, I asked how long the job would take to complete and I was advised that it would be done without a strict time frame. Goodbye Junk exceeded our expectations.

This was value for money to the amount of rubbish that was removed from the property if we had had to do this on our own, saving so much time in not having to organising skip bins waiting for the bins to be collected before we could restart filling a new bin.

Alison Ridge

Alison Ridge

Deceased estate

June 2021

Early in 2021 it became apparent that my 92 year old mother was not going to survive the cancer that first afflicted her in late 2019. My father had previously passed away in 2017.

Mum remained in the family home until 2 months before her death. Mum and Dad were married for 65 years and had accumulated a lifetime of memories and belongings. I started doing my homework in the lead up to Mum’s passing, knowing that the home would have to be emptied in preparation for sale. I thought it would be a simple process of donating most of the furniture to charities, but sadly not. No one wants furniture, particularly if there is the slightest mark on it. I couldn’t sell or even give items away on Gumtree or EBay.

Feeling very stressed I Googled estate clearance and came across Goodbye Junk. What a relief! I was particularly impressed with Goodbye Junk’s policy of recycling as much as possible as I particularly did not want everything just going to land fill. The process of then clearing the house was so easy. Booking an appointment for the team to come and quote was quick and simple. The team who came to assess were really friendly and professional in their dress and manner. They arrived on time, assessed the amount of items quickly and calculated on the spot the price, which was surprisingly very good. I had no idea what to expect cost wise and felt that the quote was very fair.

On the day that the clear out was booked for the team were again on time and set about loading up the truck promptly and efficiently. They swept up afterwards where there was a bit of mess. As I had been able to rehome some items between the time of the initial quote and the clearance the bill was adjusted accordingly in my favour which impressed me.

I have no hesitation in recommending Goodbye Junk to anyone who needs a property cleared or tidied up. In fact I have been singing their praises when people ask me how I managed to get the house ready for sale so quickly. I simply could not have done it without Goodbye Junk. Most importantly the stress that I was experiencing in wondering how on earth I was going to get the job done was relieved immediately I first made contact with the company. To know that Goodbye Junk were going to take care of everything for me was such a massive relief. I am so grateful that I came across Goodbye Junk – thank you!

Aden Hines

Aden Hines

Bellambi NSW

Entire home clean up after water damage

Mum had a hot water leak under her house that went undetected for several months, this led to a super-sauna under the house, causing almost everything she owned to get mouldy and significantly affecting her health.

MUnfortunately, the majority of her possessions (anything organic) had to go. Add to this she has a long term hoarding condition and it really became a monumental task!

I was the only family able to take on the task of getting her healthy and relocated, as well as dealing with the mountains of everything filling her 5 bedroom house. I knew moving the sheer volume of stuff was out of my league. Adding to that I run a small business and have recently become a full time carer for my wife diagnosed with a terminal disease, and the time required to undertake this alone was bending my head. I needed help and that's when I called Goodbye Junk.

The customer service was excellent at all levels. They were able to get someone out immediately to assess and quote the job. Everything emailed was clear to understand and when I rang to wonder about a lot of the usable stuff going to landfill, they were able to organise charity workers to come through first (ironically, the charity workers were quite impatient causing me a bit of stress). All up, I think there were 6-7guys with 2-3 trucks over 2 days. They were all friendly, considerate and respectful of both Mum's property and the situation I was dealing with.

There were numerous times where the Goodbye Junk team would approach me to confirm if certain items should go or stay. That was definitely appreciated. Even with the size and duration of the job, at all times they were careful of the floor/doors/etc.

The speed and response of the boys and overall team was greatly appreciated. While the house is in Wollongong, I live 2hrs away. With my complex lifestyle, my time is understandably very precious. Being able to get professionals to work within my timeframe was fantastic. They were able to assess the job as it unfolded and called the head office to get another team to help when it was needed. The team was very Professional and reassuring.

I loved the Initial friendly, professional phone manner followed by immediate action doing exactly what they said they would. There was minimal hassle for me as the Goodbye Junk Team made everything very simple. Going through, and moving the volume of stuff. Understanding my needs (and stress levels) and going the extra yard to get it completed within time and on budget was exactly what I needed

Everything I said is honest and true. You guys are part of a great team.

Cheers, Aden

Gary Daniels

Gary Daniels

Garage clean up

Bangor NSW

Stoddart Street Roselands
Parents went to nursing home, selling the house with wife and her sister

When my wife and her sister decided to sell their very elderly parents’ house,

after both parents had been living in a nursing home for some time, we realised there was no way our family members could clear the nearly 70 years of junk and hoarding before the end of the short settlement period. Time was critical. We did not have it on our side.

The task was massive. We had to deal with all of: house contents; rubbish in the garden including assorted building materials, stacks of tiles (mostly buried or hidden under dead vegetation) and hundreds of plant pots; the contents of a partly-collapsed metal shed; an unlit garage extension with an unknown collection of materials and chemicals of uncertain risk; and a very large dirty and damp garage with a hole in the roof and partly-collapsing shelving that was full of 70 years’ of mostly unknown, dirty, damp and potentially dangerous contents. (We later found equipment at the back of the garage no-one had seen for over 40 years.) The job was daunting, dirty and (potentially, for non-professionals) dangerous.

In searching for a rubbish removal company, I was very concerned that we could be, to put it bluntly, financially ‘ripped off’ by an unscrupulous service provider. With time of the essence, both in my selecting our rubbish removalist and to actually get the huge job done, there existed the opportunity for the quote to be way overpriced. And indeed, once the job had started there could be the opportunity for the rubbish people to suddenly find a reason to ‘vary’ the price (up, of course) or, to refuse to remove some non-hazardous materials.

Then I found Goodbye Junk. I liked what I read on their website. But more significantly, when I called them, I was immediately impressed with their professionalism, their organisation, their flexibility and resource-capacity to work-in with my time availability. And (critically) they advised me, upfront, how the pricing was based on truckload volumes (and not the time taken to do the job). I therefore also did not need to get an onsite in-person quote, also saving me time.

To complete the job eventually required four visits by the onsite Goodbye Junk teams, each visit being for most of the day, with nearly 4 truckloads removed, and a minimum of 2 people working at any time, but sometimes a second team of two would arrive to help for a few hours until their next job.

I could not have been happier with Goodbye Junk!

The upfront communications with the call centre client-service personnel were professional and clear, and the pricing was, in my opinion, both clear and fair.

The ongoing Goodbye Junk call centre communications were both frequent and timely, and they also checked after each visit to make sure I was happy with the work done, as did the on-site workers.

The on-site junk removals team, the guys doing all the hard work on-site, worked diligently and continuously and, very importantly for me, without complaint - notwithstanding how dirty the materials to be removed or how unpleasant the location. Whatever I asked them to do, nothing was too much trouble for them. Indeed, they would sometimes suggest they take junk materials I had not expected them to take. And, they were always very friendly, polite and respectful. What a great team of workers!

The trucks were always diligently loaded to utilise the space in the truck, being filled almost to the top, and covered. Recyclable materials were separated, a good sustainability / environmental solution (I hope they made a few dollars too).

And where a load did not fill the truck, I was not charged the full truck rate.

I was able to pay electronically on the completion of each load, very convenient.

In summary::
My experience with Goodbye Junk was outstanding, exceeding my expectations.

I would certainly use Goodbye Junk again - but hoping it will only ever be for much smaller jobs, and never again have such a huge and dirty and risky mess! I would not even givr consideration to using other junk removalists.

I could not rate Goodbye Junk any higher.

I strongly recommend using Goodbye Junk for a great experience on every level.

I have no connection with Goodbye Junk other than as a recent client.

Grahame Hackney

Grahame Hackney

Kitchen & bathroom Stripout

I contacted goodbye junk to expedite the removal of a 2 bedroom unit's carpet, kitchen and shower screen. The crew arrived on time and were able to efficiently take up the carpet,

disassemble the kitchen and remove the wall tiles as well as the shower screen. This operation was completed in just over one day and has enabled me to have a "clean slate' to recommence my refurbishment. The crew led by Denis from Goodbye junk has set me up for a streamlined renovation without any of the protracted difficulties that a slower demolition would have experienced. I would certainly recommend them.

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Ian Chen

news agency strip out


The lease of our Newsagency was nearly expired. We decided not to renew the lease. And it needs strip clean. I had a look over the internet trying to find a suitable Rubbish removal company.

I made few phone calls (at least 8 from my memory). The person from your company who took my phone call was very polite and patient, plus the price was quite reasonable. I have a got another job, so I couldn’t be on scene to help out. My dad was there the entire time. He mentioned your crew were punctual, very polite and did an amazing job. Not only did they strip down all the old timber shelves and old carpet, they also vacuum cleaned the entire shop including kitchen area. There was quite a lot to clean up. It was a surprise you guys could get that done in one day.

I think the most value I received from your company is the polite, punctual and efficient service. Of course, the price was quite reasonable. So I was very satisfied. And I will call you guys again if I need help in the future.

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Richard Harling

Deceased estate

44 Malga Avenue, Roseville Chase NSW 2069

I was looking for someone to help me empty a deceased estate. The large house was both a home and a home office which had been lived and worked in for fifty years.

While the house had been well cared for in that time almost nothing had been thrown away. This meant it was stuffed full of office and home items that needed to be taken away. There were large amounts of material such as office furniture (wood and metal), paper files and tools. I was keen to keep as much out of landfill as possible.

I found Goodbye Junk through a google search along with a number of other junk removal companies. They came very quickly and at a time that was convenient for me and gave a careful quote for the cubic meterage of material that needed to be removed and were clear about how many trucks and people it would take. Other companies were less confident and transparent in their quoting.

I was in a rush to get the job done and Goodbye Junk were available immediately to carry out the work. Goodbye Junk were fast and efficient in sorting and removing the material and made sure as much as possible went to recycling. They were able to remove some very large items from difficult to access areas and were respectful of the property while working there.

The overall experience of dealing with Goodbye Junk was a very positive one. From an understanding of the recycling involved, confident quoting and experience and efficiency in dealing with a large range of material I can recommend them.

East Roseville

Sorry, I don’t really do photos of me on the web.

Matt, the only thing I would like to see added to the service is dealing with chemicals, paint etc. No companies, as far as I can see, offer this as part of the service. I still have pallet of such material and dropping it off, one load at a time in my family car, at a council collection area is a real hassle for me. In fact the complete opposite of the service I got from you!

Emma Grant

Emma Grant

Warriewood NSW 2102

Deceased estate

My sister and I were tasked with the daunting task of clearing out the family home after the passing of our mother. The house, and in particular the double garage, had accumulated 35+ years of junk!

We didn’t really know where to start so requested a few quotes from different companies and hands down, Matt was the most efficient, knowledgeable and just genuine person we dealt with.

We weren’t quite ready to get started straight away but Matt’s follow up calls to check in were much appreciated and offered some really helpful advice along the way. Matt was in no way pushy, understanding that this was a tough situation.

When we were finally ready to proceed Matt organised for the truck and manpower and on a Saturday morning Daniel and Lewis enthusiastically arrived to complete the job. Before getting started we walked them through the home and garage so they could get a thorough understanding of what we wanted removed and quote accordingly. The quote provided on the day matched what Matt suggested over the phone and no nasty hidden fees!

Daniel and Lewis were suer professional and friendly – even dealing with a few hidden spiders lurking in the garage (eek!). The boys cleared out 13 cubic metres of JUNK in just under an hour and left the garage neat and tidy.

Getting the boys from Goodbye Junk in saved us countless trips to and from the tip, saved us from potential injury carrying awkward, heavy items not to mention the whole process was completely stress free!

Working in real estate I know who I will be contacting when we require rubbish removal services!

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Cassidy Brindle

Balgownie NSW 2519

My partner and I had just moved into our new house and had accumulated a lot of unwanted rubbish from our previous house, which lead to our new garage being filled with un-wanted items

which we had no idea how to get rid of or how much it was going to cost us.

We proceeded to call Good-bye-Junk who from the very beginning were easy to talk to and gave me a quote straight away and were able to come and collect the rubbish with-in the week.

When the team arrived from Good-bye-junk they were polite, efficient and the rubbish was gone with ease. Good-bye-junk made an exhausting task easy, simple and fuss free.

I would highly recommend using Good-bye-junk as I will be using them again.

Lynette Davidson

Lynette Davidson


I called the guys from Goodbye Junk to remove 3 pieces of big ‘junk’. My husband has been diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder and can no longer clean up. We had an old car chassis,

which he had fallen into and ended up in hospital, and I needed it gone. We also had a purpose built stainless steel tool cabinet which was about the size of a 2m high fridge and an old Weber barbecue. I had had a quote previously for the removal when the guys came for a general waste pick up. The quote was very reasonable considering the size of the chassis and the tool cabinet. The guys came, lifted the offending articles out of the back yard and it was done! Fast, friendly service. Always courteous and helpful and their rates are very equitable. My husband was so pleased and I was so relieved to have that chassis gone. We will definitely use Goodbye Junk for our next clean-up!

Roger Shaw

Roger Shaw

Warilla NSW

Deceased estate

Following the death of my brother, I travelled up to Warilla from Melbourne to arrange his funeral and to prepare his unit for sale. He had accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ over the years, and I did not have a lot of time to deal with it all.

I made contact with Goodbye Junk on Monday, and they were able to come on Tuesday afternoon. I had been expecting the usual wait for arrival, but Matt rang me to say they could come a little earlier than expected if that suited me!

Matt arrived early and the rest is history – I was able to say goodbye to all the junk that afternoon. I was then free to complete funeral arrangements and to remember my brother during a wonderful service.

Thanks to Matt and his team for efficiently de-stressing a sad occasion.

George Tzikis

George Tzikis


Multiple Jobs

One morning I woke up to go to my double door double back garage( meaning it could fit 4 cars in it), and released I actually couldn’t walk into the garage at all. 13 years of storing things in there that weren't really needed and

just became a storage room, rather than a functional garage. So I decided to take everything out of the garage, get some shelves to put things I wanted to remain with us and the rest to be thrown out. Once I knew what I had to throw out, I started to search on my mobile for rubbish removal, the next minute on Instagram, goodbye junk pops up ( thanks google) and I read about how Goodbye Junk comes out, quote you on the spot, and if you happy with the price, will take it away then and there, without requiring me to do anything and clean up after themselves as well. Plus they had a $50 voucher on offer as well. So, I rang them and the next day I had a couple of guys come out, they looked at it all, said I had around 8cubic tonnes of rubbish and gave me a great price. I never looked back and it was the best decision I ever made. After that, about a week later, I redid my garden and had some trees to get rid off. Who do I call? Goodbye Junk!, they again came back to my property and assisted me again, stress and hassle free. Would highly recommend the service.

When I decided to ring GoodBye Junk, I spoke to Matt. He helped explain to me how the organisation works and what to expect. When the on team site arrived it was exactly the way the customer service explained, they evaluated what junk I needed to remove, took some pictures, sent that back to head office, quote came through and then made the decision to remove the junk, they took everything, cleaned up the mess behind it, they were kind, honest and very helpful, a great group of guys.

The Entire organisation was exceptional and very professional from start to finish, from detailed explanations, to attention to detail in dealing with the customer and explaining out on site what has to happen, the way they moved the junk onto the trucks without distraction, the completion of the job, to handing the invoice and paying the bill.

When they arrived on site, they backed up the truck, ready to load the junk, they evaluated what was to be taken, once given the go ahead, they managed to remove 8 cubic meters of rubbish, clean up and leave within 30min. was so fast and I was amazed at just how quick the entire process took.

Firstly, I would say they are professionalism over the phone and customer service levels was really amazing, compared to others I spoke with. Then just the entire process from start to finish, was just so quick and to me made them stand out so much, that I referred them to my parents, neighbour and some other friends, which have all used them.

Their customer service team is always there to go the extra mile and help out where they can.

Bridget Croft

Bridget Croft

household clean up

After moving house that required a considerable amount of down sizing at the end of 2020 I was left with so much rubbish and excess furniture and household goods that it filled half of my garage.

My initial research into finding ways to get rid of the rubbish seemed to find rubbish removal companies that only wanted to collect certain types of rubbish and only on days and times that suited them, not me. Further online research found Good Bye Junk and the information told me that they were a company that was active in my local area and provided a comprehensive rubbish removal service.

As a single parent, working five days a week it is extremely difficult at times to be available during weekdays and GBJ were most helpful in that regard. I needed to get rid of the junk in my garage to make life in our new house comfortable.

Right from the initial phone enquiry to the final wave goodbye on the driveway I was impressed with the customer service from GBJ, in fact it exceeded my expectations. This is because I did not have to go over instructions about my situation or what I required in terms of times that suited me. Their quoted price was competitive and covered all aspects of rubbish removal that I needed. They accepted a range of payment methods and made sure I understood what was covered and what they were doing with every step.

The level of professionalism was outstanding from the staff I had contact with, particularly those who came to my house. It was actually quite refreshing to have someone arrive at the designated time and be finished with a minimum amount of fuss and bother.

I will have no hesitation to use them again in the future or to recommend them to anyone who needs to have rubbish removed from their house/property.

Anthony Matta

Anthony Matta

Greystanes NSW site clean up

I googled Rubbish removal on the internet and found Goodbye junk as the first option. I could tell that by the Name Good-Bye junk that that's what in need, I need the junk to go, love the name.

But on top of that, I rang and made contact and a nice lady answered the phone very politely.

She was able to give me a rough indication of cost and was happy to send one of the drivers that same afternoon.

The driver came out and was very friendly and confirmed the price.

I wasn't thinking he could have the rubbish removed that day.

I was surprised that the same-day service with removing the rubbish was like old fashioned service. Hard to believe but that's what happened.

I was very pleased.

Cleaned and removed rubbish in 2 hours, was also able to blow away any dust and debris.

Done so quickly my wife was so happy. After a few weeks I used them again, it was much cheaper than doing it myself plus i didn't have to get a big bin.

I Will definitely use them again

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Diana Abel

House Clean Up

I found Goodbye Junk very accommodating in what I needed. They were to assist in removing rubbish/junk from under a house. By the time they arrived I had discovered more rubbish further under the house,

including some hazardous materials. The team was fabulous, as the original quote I gave for time was and rubbish tripled. They just got stuck in and did it, no issues at all. And it was really hard work, having to get under the house and move around the piers. Bent over I might add. Then have to walk uphill to put into their trucks. Hard work and a hot day and unpleasant conditions. they did a great job. I would have no hesitation in recommending Goodbye Junk to anyone. And they would be first to call if I need them again. And the price was very fair and reasonable.

Peter Lanford

Peter Lanford

Multiple Jobs

Greenhills Beach, 2230

“I’ve used Goodbye Junk a few times in the last few months. Twice when I was moving house, and once when my mum was moving out of her retirement village apartment into an aged care home.

Found them after an online search and seeing lots of great reviews on

I hadn’t used a junk removal service before and I expected it to be a painful process. I imagined having to use a big skip, putting time aside for dropoff and pickup, damaging lawn, having to move everything myself, paying for unused space, with big items like a bed not being accepted. The experience with Goodbye Junk was the complete opposite and seamless.

I was able to book the pickup usually with only a day or two notice. The removal occurs in one visit starting with tracking their approach by GPS so you know exactly when they will arrive (like Uber), two guys and a truck turning up, quoting, removal, clean up, and ending with them driving away with all the junk. They quoted based on volume of junk, the quotes always seemed reasonable, and were less than what I think I would have paid using skips. The fact that they did the removal themselves was great for my mum because the Goodbye Junk guys took her unwanted old furniture and household items from her apartment (and in the case of her bed, dismantled it), moved it through hallways and down stairs, to get it out to their truck – I didn’t have to touch a thing.

I’ll definitely use them again and have recommended them to others.”

Dwane Byrne

Dwane Byrne

multiple cleanups

Rushcutters Bay

The folks from Goodbye Junk have removed unwanted furniture from my apartment on three occasions. I am so relieved to be rid of the stuff. I initially approached other companies to do this work however

they were either full of fine talk but no action or they didn’t bother to respond to my emails. I then approached Goodbye Junk—they could not be keener for the jobs. Goodbye Junk had no qualms about taking on small jobs. From go to whoa their customer service is first rate.

Each time they showed up on time brimming with enthusiasm. Even though the jobs were a little tricky they found a way to remove the furniture without harming anything else. After the first job I had no concerns about engaging them to remove other pieces of unwanted furniture. Not only are they professional in their work, their prices are quite reasonable. They will be my first choice for any future work. Well done, gents.

IMHO GJ has found its commercial sweet spot. Don't fix what ain't broke.

Jeanette Prout

jeanette prout

Kiama Downs NSW 2533

House clean up

My story begins with a grand plan for downsized house in a garden like suburb. That then means dispersal of furniture. Upon settling on a new location and a date for settlement as 26th June 2021,

ease my mind into a leisurely sort, sift, keep, store and take with me idea. A move should always take into account other movers in the chain of events.

Guessed it right, settlement date moved forward, from 26th June to 7 May. Horrors galore. Also take into account that a hot real estate market involves other downsizers. And guess what. the backlog for charity companies to collect is so long. panic set in.

Scout around different dispersal companies and arrived at a very assured response from Gooddbye Junk.

Exactly the response needed for a job which needed completion in under 3 weeks. Matt coordinator impressed me with the aneven unflappable response to my request.

A. team of 2 workers appear, survey the furniture to be moved out, check back with Matt on costs, approval given, job starts. Like nothing is difficult, it all goes away in two trucks. At that point decision is made that from observation. workers are respectful efficient. no fuss. Just the attitude when house owner is in an awkward position.

A second pick up needed within a week, same team, same professional attitude and worked through the drizzle and then rain. on both occasions arrived at booked time.

The service cost was most reasonable given the circumstances. Fair and reasonable in response to essentially an emergency situation. that needed instant resolution In summary. responsive to customer needs, efficient. and no fuss, contributed to my peace of mind. Impressed as I am with the team, the company cooperation, efficiency I would recommend Goodbye Junk as a reliable, efficient and affordable service company.

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Multiple jobs

Chester Hill NSW

We engaged Goodbye Junk twice to deal with all the rubbish that accumulated when my parents sold their house of 56 years. We had used them before and found them very hardworking and easy to deal with.

They did not disappoint this time either. They were punctual and very professional and we felt completely confident to just leave them to it. They completed the job quickly and quietly but still went to no end of trouble to make sure everything was removed and then they swept to make sure no stray scraps were left behind. We called them again when we had last minute rubbish to be cleared away after we had already left Sydney and they did a fantastic job, even sending us pictures after the work was completed.My real estate agent was so impressed he asked me for their card. I found their rates very reasonable and could confidently recommend them to anyone.

Vanessa King

Vanessa King

Manly NSW 2095

I used Goodbye Junk twice during the process of moving. As I didn't have a vehicle to do it myself, I was looking for a way to remove unwanted household items. So I decided to Google a solution to my problem.

I had a great customer service experience with Goodbye Junk, they were very fast responding and competitively priced compared to other junk removal services. There were a lot of available time slots, so I immediately booked in for a spot in the following days. The explanation of the service was great, it's very simple and easy, priced per square metre. When Goodbye Junk came out to my apartment, I had an on the spot quote and immediate removal of the items. Thanks to the guys and the customer service team for their help!

Fifi Jones

Fifi Jones

Multiple Jobs


In 2017 I moved my retail shop to new premises - I didn’t have time to work out what I didn’t need. So, I took everything. Once Id sorted out what I did’t need. I new what I did need.

That was someone to take all my rubbish - there was a lot of it. The new premises also had a big garden area that was a total mess. I thought, it can all go with my rubbish in a one off clean out. Id never had a company come and take away rubbish. Id always found a way to do it myself. But this job was way too big for me. We did a Google search for rubbish removers in our area… there were quite a few, but the one that caught our eye was GoodbyeJunk.

I called and spoke to a lovely man by the name of Charlie - I let him know what we had that needed to be taken away and he said “sounds fine, when would you like it done”… Jokingly, I said “TODAY”… he said "Fine, what time". I said “4pm”. I don’t normally get excited about rubbish, but, I was excited! I asked Charlie if he was able to give me some sort of guesstimate on the cost, I described what I had and he quoted me a very very reasonable price.

Charlie and Nam turned up right on time - we had a small chat, then I showed them where the rubbish was and straight away, they went to work. I said I was happy to help them, they said “Thank You, but we’ll be fine”. Before I knew it, they were asking me where the garden rubbish was, and off they went again. It took me almost a week to pile up all my rubbish - Charlie and Nam had it gone in about 30mins.

It turned out, Charlie and Nam had just started their Company, Goodby Junk, I was pretty much their first Client.

Since 2017 - I have moved my shop, closed it, reopened it, closed it again and moved it lock stock and barrel into a storage facility, I also moved to my own house and had many other times where I have needed rubbish removed.

The one thing that hasn’t changed since 2017 to now - 2021, is the company I use - GoodBye Junk.

I can’t compare GBJ to any other company, because Ive never used any one else. I don’t need to. To me, GBJ is the #1 rubbish removal company. It might just be rubbish to me, but to them its all about being on time, professional, thoughtful, respectful, dependable and giving their clients the very best experience - one I doubt you’d find any where else. Ive seen Charlie and Nam’s Company grow over the last 4 years. That to me says, a lot of people feel the same about GBJ as I do!

Marcella Zemanek

Marcella Zemanek

Coogee Beach

As I am a widow, I needed to clear my garage of articles that had been stored from house to house over the years and I now longer required them. It was a hard decision to make, but I knew it was the right one.

The level of customer service from the call centre was outstanding, and the professionalism of the wonderful young men who carried out the work was absolutely sensational. They explained everything in detail and carried out the removal of the “junk” in record time. They were truly professional, courteous and had a delightful sense of humour.

I have used other rubbish removalists however there is no way they could compare with Goodbye Junk!!! Overall it was the courtesy and understanding they showed to me that was extremely valuable to me.

Honestly I can’t recommend Goodbye Junk highly enough, in fact I recommended them to two of my friends who were very happy as well.

Once again a fabulous job.

Vicki McMurray

Vicki McMurray

Ruse NSW 2560

Moving house is daunting enough but after being in our rental for 13 years it was time to move. We had accumulated a lot in that time and needed to do something about it.

Whilst doing the Google search for a skip bin I saw the ad for goodbye junk. It was comparable in price, they would be turn up and give you a quote and take it away all on the same day. We did not have to worry about when to get a skip bin, for how long, and where does it stay, etc. We made a booking and even had to change the day of the booking with out any issues. The guys turned up on time and everything was taken care of with in an hour.

As we got closer to moving day we needed them to come back again. The second trip was bigger but they had it all sorted in no time at all. They made sure there was no rubbish left behind.

Great service, from the booking process to the clean up. Both times they have been helpful. It was one less stress that we needed to deal with during the move. Would highly recommend Goodbye Junk!



Banksia NSW

When I needed help during the stressful time of unexpectedly moving my mother out of home and into Aged Care during Covid I found the regular channels of charity donations/collection centres closed.

A friend recommended “Good Bye Junk” and I was pleased to hear they would not only carry it down the 4 flights of stairs for me but dispose of it responsibly, sorting and recycling as much as possible.

On the day of collection I was impressed to receive arrival time updates via text and phone. One team member arrived before the others to assess and prepare the items, ensure best parking spot etc, then they worked together as a team to remove everything.

From beginning to end they were professional and respectful. In what was a stressful situation for me it was great to be surrounded by positive people who were helping “lighten the load”. There was just no way I had the time or headspace to put items up for sale and wait for them to be removed. I needed prompt action to help keep me positive and focus on the needs of my mother.

Stephen Peters

Stephen Peters

Balmain NSW 2041

We had recently moved out of our home for extensive renovations that lasted almost 12 months. We were so busy in the lead-up to moving out that we just put most of our belongings, junk included, into storage.

It was exciting to move to back after such a long time but it didn’t take long for the rubbish to pile up…and pile up it did. We realised we needed to get on top of this quickly and I needed to find the best and most economical solution. We started researching hiring a van or truck ourselves, but then we still needed to find somewhere to dump it and frankly we just wanted the rubbish gone and it was all going to take time I just didn’t have.

I searched for pick up services and was drawn to Goodbye Junk’s excellent website, a quick read and I was convinced to give them a go. A phone call, a few questions and a date was set for the very next day. The guys turned up on time and after a quick study of our massive pile of rubbish they gave me a quote based on the cubic square metres of junk, which we thought was very reasonable and the big bonus was they would take it all right now. They were super helpful and just 30 Minutes later it was all gone. It was also satisfying knowing that any E-waste would be separated and everything would be disposed of responsibly. My advice to anyone with a ton of junk, save yourself a lot of headaches and let the experts look after it.

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Rachel. Rushcutters Bay

We’ve used Goodbye Junk on two occasions and have been very happy with their services: once they removed weather beaten furniture from our outdoor terrace and the second time removing old furniture from our living room.

Our place has awkward stairs and an old lift. We have bad backs so wouldn’t lift it ourselves. Most service/trades people complain and make a mess. With Goodbye Junk, it is easy to book, the on-site team was extremely polite and respectful, quick and tidy. We will use them again.

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Juliana M

We were preparing for a renovation and urgently needed to discard our old bulky furniture. The access to our property is long, narrow and very steep so this wasn’t a job we could do ourselves.

We shopped around for a number of quotes as there were quite a few companies offering a similar service. When I spoke to the call centre staff they were very clear about their pricing structure and provided an estimate over the phone. I was initially sceptical as their quote was very competitive and I explaining that our property access would be a challenge for them. However when the guys arrived they didn’t complain about our difficult access or try to renegotiate on the price (which often happens). They were hard working and efficient and took care not to damage the narrow passageways. The work wasn’t easy but they had a wonderful attitude and nothing was too difficult for them. I was so impressed with their level of customer service and very grateful to them for getting the job done at such short notice.

I have since used them again and the experience has been the same. Although a different set of guys arrived I couldn’t fault the customer service. These guys will go above and beyond to get the job done and I have no hesitation recommending them to family and friends.

Annie Mealing

Annie Mealing

Wilberforce NSW 2756

Home clean up

I have been widowed for some time now and most projects I can handle on my own but when I decided to move to Queensland I had two very heavy lounges to move which proved impossible for me.

I had rung several companies who specialise in removing junk but most were abrupt or just not interested. After talking to Matt’s company I felt a sigh of relief. Nothing was a problem and kept me informed re date and time of removal. The drivers where also very pleasant and helpful. They did the job with ease so I will definitely use this company again if ever I need to. Definitely recommend.

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Bradbury NSW

Home clean up for sale

We decided to contact Goodbye Junk as we found ourselves in a position where we had very little time to clean up a property for sale. Matt and the team at Goodbye Junk helped us with our situation and

were incredibly professional throughout the process, from the call centre to the workers onsite everyone was wonderfully helpful. Even when a problem arose with disposing of a boat the team found a way to get it done for us in a super timely manner and in one day they had removed everything that we needed . The timely and efficient manner in which they helped us made it much less daunting as we were looking at hiring skip bins and worried about the time we had left to get the work done.

We highly recommend the Goodbye Junk team for any rubbish removal service needs, they are professional, efficient and competitively priced and after their help with what we needed we would choose to work with them again if we found ourselves in a similar situation in the future.

Mija Crasnich

Mija Crasnich

Clear outs

Wollongong NSW

We needed to clear out underneath a very old property in a small amount of time and really didn't know where to start. We searched the internet for the best solution for our needs and thats when we came across Goodbye Junk,

The team understood immediately that our time was limited and that the job was too big for us to do on our own, they were prompt in organising the clean-up and kept us up to date through the entire process. Within no time they had send their team out to provide us with a free onsite quote and were able to clean up the job immediately which was great! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending their services to anyone that needs help with a big clean-up, their professionalism, and timely service were second to none!

Thanks Goodbye Junk!

Mija and Miriam

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Lizzy H - Luxo Living

Wetherill park NSW 2164

Our Furniture store needed old unwanted items cleared out on multiple occasions, as part of my duties for Luxo living I was responsible for arranging a rubbish removal pick up,

after searching online for the best solution to our challenge, we came across Goodbye Junk Rubbish removal. Upon calling Goodbye Junk, I was connected with one of their friendly customer service representatives who assisted me with all of my enquiries and concerns. Within a few minutes Matt had arranged a free consultation and quote for the items we needed removed. After successfully booking the quote, we were looked after by Daniel and Patrick who were really helpful at explaining the process of how the business operated and what services were provided. We were happy with the quote and pricing structure and proceeded to book the job for the following week. The team came back and completed the works required over a 2 day period, the boys absolutely smashed the job out of the park in a quick manner and were very respectful and caring whilst on site. After being so happy with the first job, we then had Goodbye Junk come out a second time and completed a similar job for us. This won't be the last time we use Goodbye junk as the overall service and professionalism was incredible and was a simple solution to our problem.

Thank you to the Goodbye Junk team for providing such an amazing service to our business.

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Chris Mendes


Croydon NSW

Goodbye Junk were engaged to help me remove much of the furniture, paperwork and clothing from my parent's retirement unit once they moved to a nursing home. The house was pretty full of junk and old clothes,

some bulky unwanted furniture, the storage cage was also filled with rubbish and the outdoor area had assorted junk including a large 4 drawer cabinet.

The team arrived a little late due to the traffic in Sydney being its usual nightmare! Once they arrived we quickly realised that the outdoor filing cabinet had 2 wasp nests stuck to the outside with hundreds of wasps buzzing around!! The team told me not to worry, found a crew to come out and clear the 2 nests away and did a great job emptying everything else out.

I didn't need to worry about anything.

They had a little room left in the truck so they even took my Mum's favourite chair over to her in the nursing home. I was impressed and very grateful to the team who helped me and I would recommend Goodbye Junk to anyone wanting a trouble-free clean out of a deceased estate.

Thank you Goodbye Junk - you were awesome!