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Affordable Rubbish Removal

We provide a superior rubbish removal service all throughout Sydney. We will get any rubbish removal job done professionally and fast so you can go back to doing what you love. Don’t spend your weekend getting your hands dirty cleaning up, leave it to us!

Goodbye junk truck

Don’t Spend Your Weekend Filling Up An Expensive Skip Bin

We come to you and will fill our truck with all your junk. From as little as little as $123 / m3 for household waste.

Household Rubbish Removal

Commercial Rubbish Removal

Construction Rubbish Removal

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Why Choose Us

We Are Professionals

We will load all your Rubbish

We are fully insured up to $20 Million

We won’t be beaten on the price

Household Rubbish Removal

These days, we are finding more and more houses are just filled to the brim with junk or stuff that is no longer needed. It can be a pain to remove all this junk, especially if it is heavy. We will happily come to your place and investigate the junk and remove it for you, so you don’t have to do a thing.
Goodbye junk worker standing in a shed with furniture and a refrigerator
Goodbye Junk truck collecting woods and cardboard rubbish

Commercial Rubbish Removal

We find this type of rubbish builds up really fast. Therefore it is important not to wait until it’s too late. We are professionals in the removal of construction rubbish and know what it takes to get the rubbish out of the way so your environment is safe to work.

Construction Rubbish Removal

From a general yearly clean-up to gutting your whole office space, we are the team for you. We have the experience and know-how to clear your office of rubbish both professionally and fast, meaning you can get back to work sooner.

Goodbye Junk Worker on a uniform collecting rubbish in a room

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We provide Rubbish Removal all over Sydney. Dont Bother hiring a big skip, then wasting your weekends filling it up. Save your time and money and have our team come to you with our truck so we can remove the junk. We also pickup & remove furniture, white goods, appliances, garden waste removal.

Make sure you give us a call today on 1800 405 040 for anything rubbish removal related!

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Leading waste removal company


Goodbye Junk is the rubbish removalists for you! No matter your Sydney location, we will come to you and fill our truck with your junk, no problems what so ever! We are your professional business who you can trust to get the job done the proper way.

Why choose goodbye junk

We are 100% professional
Our employees take pride in their work and always act in a professional manner, no matter the situation.

We will load all your rubbish
There will be no need for you to even lift a finger, just sit back and relax while we do all the hard lifting for you.

We are fully insured
No matter what happens you will have peace of mind over the area that needs removal.

We will not be beaten by price
We are the most affordable company, we are proud to offer competitive prices with a high quality service.

We take pride in the fact that we are eco-friendly. Rubbish removal can negatively impact the environment. That is why we take extra care when it comes to the protecting the environment.

All our removal strategies are thought with the environment in mind to ensure that we have the least possible negative impact on the environment.

Our professional rubbish removal service will sort through all your rubbish at the highest standard and most of the waste will be reused for a different purpose.

So whether you have household, commercial or construction rubbish that needs removal, we are your affordable rubbish removal service!

You can be sure that you are getting both the best price and the highest quality professional rubbish removal service. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to get your rubbish removed in a proper and eco-friendly manner!

Ready To Book Your Home Garage Clean Out?

For your next garage clean out, look no further than Goodbye Junk’s home garage cleaning service! Prices start from as little as $123 per m3 of garage junk, with your space left looking spotless afterwards.