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Do you have an old bit of bedding you’d like to get rid of? Is your old bed just taking up space and you can’t seem to find someone to buy it, or is it totally dishevelled and just a large piece of junk?

Either way, you need a way to get rid of this old bed without breaking the law or the bank. Luckily, Goodbye Junk is here offering punctual and affordable mattress removal services to anyone who might need them.

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Professionally-trained and fully insured crew

One of the main benefits of engaging Goodbye Junk for mattress collection is the fact that the team we send to your home will be made up of uniformed professionals who know what they’re doing. They are also fully insured, meaning that in the unlikely event they ever injure themselves doing the job, you won’t be liable. This allows you to enjoy total peace of mind about engaging Goodbye Junk, since all checks and balances will be covered.


Another benefit of using our mattress removal services is that our team are specialists at getting the job done as quickly as possible. They know all the correct lifting techniques and teamwork strategies to safely shift the old bed through your home or over balconies so that it can be taken away for good. You actually get to say goodbye to your junk as you watch it travel away in our truck.

Environmentally conscious service

At Goodbye Junk, we have gone above and beyond to ensure we provide a sustainable waste disposal service no matter who we work with or what kind of junk it is. This is why we are committed to a policy of donating or recycling everything we collect on your jobs before resorting to a garbage tip. When it comes to mattress collection jobs, you can rest assured that we have inspected the bed and donated it to whatever charity can get the most use out of it. Again, this gives you peace of mind about working with us as we are using an environmentally friendly policy and not just dumping your bed in the nearest tip yard.

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mattress removal

The thing about beds is that we tend to cling to them longer than other furniture items simply because of their hefty size. A king- or queen-sized bed can prove challenging for everyday people to move safely, especially if they don’t have a large enough vehicle to transport it in. This makes selling, donating or getting rid of a bed that’s deteriorating much more difficult, which explains why some beds are allowed to fester for so long.

You are probably well-aware that a deteriorating bed can be a breeding ground for bed bugs (yep, they’re real) as well as funguses and other nasties that may cause allergic reactions. You should also know that a poor quality bed will mean you get worse rest at night, meaning you’ll age faster and weaken your immune system (amongst other things).

The above is more than enough justification to give Goodbye Junk a call and organise a mattress collection as soon as possible! We provide a high-quality and reliable service that’s all about getting out of your hair as quickly as possible.

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