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    Wollongong Rubbish Collection


    “No job is too big or small for us”

    Don’t waste your weekend filling up an overpriced skip bin and doing all the hard work yourself. Not only is doing it yourself an inconvenience during your time-off but it can be dangerous if you don’t have experience lifting several heavy objects. If you have a lot of stuff to move and don’t have the time or expertise to clean it up yourself, it’s smart to call professionals to help you. You can actually save a load of time and money by hiring professional rubbish removal in Wollongong rather than a skip bin.

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    Our expert team of rubbish removalists in Wollongong are able to load up their 1 tonne truck with up to 8 cubic metres of your junk. They come to you and do all of the heavy lifting and junk sorting for you.

    We offer highly competitive pricing when compared to other clean-up companies and even skip bin hire. Whether you are moving residences, need an end of lease clear out, carrying out construction or renovations or just in need of a garage clean-up, we can help you at an affordable rate.

    We can take basically any item that can be carried by two people and is non-hazardous!  
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    Wollongong Rubbish Collection

    With Goodbye Junk you can make sure that your rubbish removal in Wollongong is done by courteous professionals who know how to get the job done properly. We are well aware of the impact that improperly managed waste can have and therefore maintain high standards for all of our work so that we donate or recycle as much as possible.

    • An obligation-free quotation for our work
    • Get rid of your non-hazardous waste
    • Waste removal with a focus on recycling or donating as much as possible
    • Same-day services so we can help you straight away
    • Not only clean-up but sweep up after ourselves, leaving the area clear
    • If you need fast and professional Rubbish Removal in Wollongong, give us a call NOW!

    More about our services in Wollongong

    Are you parking your car on the grass because the garage if full of junk? Are you loosing valuable space because of a mess that just seems too immense to clean-up? If the answer is yes – then you know it’s time to make a change. Instead of trying to organise the family or your friends to help you, give Goodbye Junk a call and have it quickly dealt with faster than you could ever do it yourself.

    A lot of people tend to think of skip bins when cleaning up their homes but fail to consider how much more cost effective hiring professional rubbish removal in Wollongong can be. Instead of paying hefty costs of $400 – $600 to hire a skip bin (that you need to fill up yourself), why not outsource the job to a professional agency that can be in and out in half the time.

    Whether the mess is made up of broken appliances, outdated furniture or just various discarded toys and textiles, we can take care of it for you. We know these items can be an inconvenience to clean and that’s why we have designed our service to make sure we are both quick and effective.

    Maybe you just need a collection of old mattresses or some bedframes to be taken away; perhaps you have a shed that needs to be urgently cleared out. No matter what size of job you have, Goodbye Junk can help you.

    While cleaning up may not be the most glamorous profession, our expert team for rubbish removal in Wollongong all love their work and have gotten quite good at doing it quickly. All of us clean up at different points in our daily lives, but the Goodbye Junk team do it for a living and understand how to get the job done as fast as possible. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly our team can get to work and transform a space you might have written off as irredeemable. Don’t put up with the mess any longer; call Goodbye Junk for immediate rubbish removal in Wollongong!


    • Household Furniture,Bedding, Curtains, Blinds
    • Recycled Waste, Food Waste
    • Window Frames, Internal Fittings
    • Computers, Appliances
    • Gravel, Bricks, Rubble, Roof Tiles
    • Wood, Glass, Metal, Copper, Aluminium, Mesh

    A fact of life is that most if not all businesses will accumulate some kind of waste as a by-product of what they do. If it’s not directly caused by a business activity then it can be caused by people indirectly generating a mess in and around office spaces.

    No matter what the reason is, it’s clear that your business needs to manage its waste responsibly. Failing to manage the clean-up of this waste can lead to all kind of problems ranging from low employee performance to outright safety hazards. Instead of tolerating this mess or wasting resources trying to organise a clean-up yourself procedure, you should hire Goodbye Junk to take care of it quickly and unobtrusively.

    Our company has successfully cleared out the mess in several commercial spaces and office environments all around Sydney. Our professional rubbish removal in Wollongong uses a team of trained and equipped experts who are eager to help you with your commercial waste.

    Not only is unmanaged waste an economic hindrance to your productivity but it is also an environmental concern. Sometimes it could even be a legal issue if your waste is not disposed of properly. For these reasons it’s essential to hire rubbish removal in Wollongong to take care of your commercial waste in a responsible manner. With Goodbye Junk, this means that all recyclable materials are sorted through and disposed of properly.

    It’s common knowledge that construction sites tend to accumulate a lot of waste. Whether its packaging from building materials, debris from demolition or just the general mess those construction workers generate, there’s always something to be cleaned up before work can continue.

    We can get rid of a variety of construction materials including::

    • Insulation, Electrical Wiring, Bricks, Tree Stumps
    • Dredging materials
    • Recycled Waste
    • Grave, Rubble, Roof Tiles, Wood, Glass
    • Nails, Metal, Copper, Aluminium, Mesh
    • Window Frames, Internal Fittings

    While cleaning up a household or commercial mess might be doable for amateurs, a construction mess has far more variables to consider. Instead of trying to get your bricklayers, builders and electricians to clean up everything, hire professional rubbish removal in Wollongong to take care of it for you. Our team of experienced clean-up artists can do the job safely and far quicker than your workers can.

    Construction waste is generally heavier, dustier and more dangerous for people to move without proper training. Your construction team are trained to build, not clean up, so they’re probably not the best crew to elect for this job. It’s better to simply hire Goodbye Junk and get an expert team to your construction site on the same or next day.

    No matter how big or difficult the job may seem we can provide you with a team who can take care of it reliably. We owe much of our business to clients who have seen us work and can vouch for our professionalism.


    In plenty of lease agreements there is a ‘make good’ standard that requires the renter to perform a ‘strip-out’ of the premises. Sometimes a strip-out will be necessary before a renovation can begin, or perhaps you are completely relocating your business or personal residence. No matter the case, a strip-out is the type of job that requires providers of professional rubbish removal in Wollongong. The Goodbye Junk team is experienced with this type of work and have several examples of our work on our website.

    Everything that’s not essential to the integrity of the structure is removed. No matter if it’s an office, bathroom or kitchen we can strip-out all of the fixtures, furnishings and installations so that it is ready for re-use.

    Not only do we remove all of the big heavy stuff, but we sweep up after ourselves as well. After taking out everything you want we will diligently clean up after ourselves, sweeping up all of the dust, debris and other small messes.

    Goodbye Junk offers a thorough strip-out service that leaves the space perfectly clear for whatever or whoever comes next.

    We know how important recycling garbage is and we know that it is an issue our clients care about as well. Unfortunately it can be hard to recycle everything yourself, especially if you don’t have the time or knowledge of where to go. At Goodbye Junk we have worked hard to build a service that only deals with your trash in the most responsible and ethically sound way. This is why all of our rubbish removal in Wollongong is sorted through to make sure that everything that can be recycled or donated is done so.

    Our directive is to make sure that as little ends up in the tip as possible. Our goal is to mitigate the impact of human waste by making it affordable for people to hire out ethical services. We not only follow these principles on our regular clean-up jobs but do it for all of our work. This includes the proper recycling of materials after a strip-out or demolition job.

    The whole point of cleaning up is to have peace of mind and not a new set of worries about where the mess will end up. Rest easy and hire our professional rubbish removal in Wollongong to take care of it for you.



    Goodbye Junk offers affordable and ethical rubbish removal in Wollongong for those who are concerned about their mess and its potential environmental impact. Instead of dumping everything in a skip bin yourself, hire a competitive clean-up company who can get the job done in half the time while making sure everything possible is recycled or donated.

    Despite beginning as a garbage clean-up company we have diversified our services to allow us to take on strip-out, demolition, grinding and labour hire jobs. We have applied the same principles of hard work, professionalism and focus on recycling to all of these endeavours.

    When it comes to hiring cost-effective, reliable and ethical rubbish removal in Wollongong, it’s a no-brainer to call Goodbye Junk. Call us today for an obligation-free quote!

    During some renovations or strip-outs, there may be a need to demolish a hard part of the space you are working on. This process often involves removing flooring, door frames as well as demolishing non-supporting walls. While we’re experts at cleaning up messes, Goodbye Junk is great at making them too. We quickly and safely knock down any hard-set walls and fixtures so that you can begin a new project.

    This work is dangerous when you try to do it yourself, so it’s best to hire rubbish removal in Wollongong that has trained demolitionists. Whether you need to tear down a shed, knock down a wall or destroy some concrete slabs, call Goodbye Junk to take care of it safely as well as clean up the debris!


    As part of our services, we can also carry out the polishing and grinding of concrete surfaces. Our professional team can easily strip, level and clean any concrete surface you might have. Before a flat concrete area can be used or replaced you will need to engage grinding services to make sure it is properly prepared. The team at Goodbye Junk can effortlessly take care of any old adhesives and materials as well as flatten any uneven areas of concrete.

    Whether it is an outdoor area, driveway, parking lot or anything else, we can grind it for you. Make sure you get the most out of your concrete space and get professional grinding work from Goodbye Junk.

    There are times when you’ll be doing a job and realise that you could really do with an extra pair of hands. Even if you have all the tools, equipment and expertise to do a job, sometimes you just need a little more manpower to speed up the process. Whether your job needs an entire crew or just an extra person to assist you, call Goodbye Junk to find affordable labour hire.

    We know that people can hesitate before hiring workers, especially if the job is very important. That’s why we are diligent about only hiring the best and most reliable workers to help our clients. Our rigorous screening process ensures that you’ll always get a diligent worker who you can trust to follow instructions. We know that you’ll be impressed by their ability and work ethic.

    Getting an extra pair of helpers should be a time saver and not an extra stress on you. That’s why Goodbye Junk has made sure that our labour hire is of a professional quality at all times.


    Excellent Reviews

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    Grace Baily


    Both the representative that spoke to me on the phone and the staff that arrived to collect the rubbish were very professional and friendly

    Goodbye Junk also offered me a very reasonable price, which i really appreciate.

    Will definitely use their service again.

    Peter Leyshon


    Excellent service

    Excellent service. The guys arrived on time at our city address. The clean out was conducted with no fuss at all. The staff were friendly and efficient!



    Highly Recommended

    Charlie and his team were a pleasure to deal with, from the initial phone call through to waving off the final truck.

    They were on time, extremely efficient and even worked though some pretty nasty rain to get the job completed when they said they would, and it came in very close to the initial estimate provided from just a few photos.



    Outstanding Service

    I've been using Charlie and his outstanding crew from Goodbye Junk for over three years now for my business and can highly recommend them as they have never let down.

    Reliable, punctual and always go the extra mile.

    Susan - Hornsby


    No stress removal

    I received a return phon call within 5mins of my website enquiry. Then men arrived on time and called me to say they were on their way. The price they gave me on the spot was reasonable and my thins were quickly gone. I was moving and was very relieved to have one less thing to worry about. Both men were really friendly.

    I asked for their business card and would definitely recommend them.

    IMPORTANT: Goodbye Junk team is still operating across Sydney. We take COVID-19 guidelines very seriously and follow best hygiene practices at every job.