We Are ECO
Our goal is to keep the environment cleaner and brighter for future generations. Therefore we recycle as much as possible. The rubbish we take from you is thoroughly sorted, and processed to the highest standards. Most of your waste will be reused.
Do you want to know more?
eco friendly waste removal
All paper or cardboard which has been sorted saves energy, trees and decreases landfill pollution.
Making new plastic requires three times more energy than using recycled resources.
Metals are almost always 100 percent recyclable and can be used over and over again. Recycling saves natural resources, money and decreases pollution.
There are many ways to use old textile again. If it is in good shape, you can pack the old material in plastic so it can be used for humanitarian purposes.
All glass products are sorted by their colour and then broken up into fragments in the recycling factory. These fragments will be reused to make new glass.
Your green waste can be processed ecologically and reused as a fertilizer.
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