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Rose Bay’s Best Priced Rubbish Removal

The Goodbye Junk team will ensure you get the best quote possible for your Rose Bay junk removal, with the most affordable rates in the area. Our junk removal prices start from as little as $123 per cubic metre of household rubbish, which includes all transport, tipping and recycling fees!

Rose Bay
furniture removal

Deceased Estate Clearance
End of lease rubbish removal
Office and commercial removals

Household Rubbish Removal

Same Day Rubbish Removal 

Hoarder Clean Up

Garage Clean Out

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Your Rose Bay Junk Experts

Household junk removal doesn’t need to be stressful or difficult to manage. That’s why local customers choose Goodbye Junk!

Our Rose Bay services are for you if you:

Our services are not designed for people:

How Much Will Your Rubbish Removal Job Cost?

We’ve taken the time to explain how Rose Bay rubbish removal pricing works so you can better budget for your all important job. There are no hidden costs, no call out fees, no sneaky add-ons at the end – everything is 100% up front!

We want to make your experience with us as simple and straightforward as possible, with no hidden costs or surprises when we arrive at your Rose Bay property!

$123/cubic metre
Household Rubbish Removal
$104/cubic metre
Green Waste
$104/cubic metre
Cardboard & Packaging
$152/cubic metre
Light Construction
Minimum charge of 2 cubic metres applies.
Light Construction includes building materials such as plaster, timber, broken-down furniture, carpet and anything else not included in Heavy Construction.
For Heavy Construction we charge $49 per 100kg of waste for rubble, soil, bricks, concrete, tiles and sand. Minimum charge is 1000kg.

How does our rubbish removal service work?

From a quick chat with our friendly customer service team to your rubbish disappearing, learn how we help you go from mess to zero stress!
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Learn more about our Rose Bay service

Residential Junk Removal

We offer rubbish removal services for homes, flats, and apartments in Rose Bay.

Commercial Junk Removal

We provide tailored solutions for businesses, offices, and commercial spaces in Rose Bay.

E-Waste Disposal

We specialise in electronic waste disposal, including computers, TVs, and appliances, in accordance with Rose Bay regulations.

Construction Debris Removal

We manage the process and adhere to all local regulations when removing construction and renovation debris in Rose Bay.

Garden Junk Removal

We handle the removal of yard and garden waste, particularly relevant for Rose Bay homes with outdoor spaces.

Furniture Removal Services

We focus on the large-scale disposal of furniture items in Rose Bay, providing efficient and thorough service.

Rose Bay Council Cleanup Days

We are well-informed about local council cleanup days in Rose Bay, advising clients on how to prepare items for collection.

Recycling Programs

We’re actively involved in local recycling programs, guiding customers on how to correctly separate junk for these initiatives.

Hazardous Junk Disposal

We offer safe and legal methods for disposing of hazardous material in Rose Bay, such as batteries, paint, chemicals, and more.

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Practices

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices including recycling and donating items, to minimise the impact on Rose Bay’s environment.

Choosing the best rubbish removal method in Rose Bay

When it comes to junk removal in Rose Bay, it’s important to be aware of who can help get rid of your unwanted items. From council services to private companies, there are a range of options available:

Professional Rubbish Removal:

Private companies such as Goodbye Junk are a great option for Rose Bay rubbish removal. Whether you require a one-time clean-up or regular waste removal, we’re equipped to handle it all. We can assist with various types of rubbish, including green waste, bulky household items, construction waste, and more.

Council Services:

The Woollahra Municipal Council takes charge of waste management in Rose Bay. They provide general waste and recycling bins to residents, with regular collection schedules. There are also opportunities throughout the year to have your rubbish disposed of with hard waste collection.

Skip Bin Hire:

For larger-scale waste removal projects, skip bin hire can be a convenient option though it is often more expensive than choosing a professional rubbish removal service. You may require a permit to have a skip bin at your property so it’s always best to check with your local council or the skip bin company.

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About The Goodbye Junk Team

Since 2017 we’re proud to have successfully completed over 5000 junk removal jobs for our amazing customers in Rose Bay and beyond! Our all-in-one junk solution is fast, fully-insured and convenient, with a growing team of passionate junk experts ready to help you.

Our team cares deeply about the environment, with one tree planted locally for every job we complete and a 100% carbon neutral operation. We also donate many items to charities to help those in need.

By choosing Goodbye Junk you’re not only supporting mother nature you’re getting the best rubbish removal team in Rose Bay


We’ve Got Rose Bay Covered

Rose Bay is an affluent harbourside suburb located about 7 kilometres east of the Sydney CBD. The suburb is situated on the shores of Sydney Harbour, offering stunning water views, especially toward the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

Rose Bay features a picturesque beach along its waterfront, providing residents with a place for swimming, picnics, and various water activities. The suburb’s proximity to the harbour also allows for boating, sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing. 

The suburb is known for its upscale and luxurious real estate. The area is dotted with elegant homes, apartments, and waterfront properties that command some of Sydney’s most sought-after addresses.

Rose Bay has a thriving cafe and dining scene, with many establishments offering waterfront dining experiences, from casual cafes to fine dining restaurants. The area also has local shops, boutiques, and convenience stores that cater to residents’ needs. 

The Rose Bay Promenade is a popular recreational area along the waterfront, offering walking paths, parklands, and seating areas for residents to enjoy the views and engage in outdoor activities.

In addition to the waterfront, Rose Bay has parks and reserves that offer green spaces for relaxation and recreation. Lyne Park is a popular destination with a playground, sports facilities, and picnic areas. 

Despite its famous exclusivity, Rose Bay maintains a friendly and welcoming community atmosphere. The suburb has a mix of residents, including families, professionals, and retirees who take great pride in keeping the area looking pristine. 

For Rose Bay residents who want to maintain their property and remove clutter, Goodbye Junk provides a convenient and reliable rubbish removal service. From the smallest tidy up to complete home clearances and deceased estate clearances, we’re ready to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of reasons to choose Goodbye Junk – from great prices and friendly service, to fast same day rubbish removal and complete household clearances. On top of that, we never use sub-contractors who may arrive in their own vehicles or trucks which may not have the right equipment or support for the safe transport of your rubbish. 

Every member of our team is an employee of Goodbye Junk and is fully-trained and covered for the work they do and will always arrive in one of our famous yellow-and-black trucks.

We are your same day Rose Bay rubbish removal experts! All you have to do is complete our contact form and we can organise your job. This convenient service can be extremely helpful if you’re moving out of your property, have an upcoming inspection or perhaps a celebration that you want your home looking amazing for!

Our fast and affordable same day junk removal will not only take care of all your rubbish problems but it will free up extra space in your home and leave it looking spotless!

Goodbye Junk will recycle and repurpose as much of your Bondi rubbish as possible, with the remaining items taken to the closest tip. We adhere to strict compliance with all EPA and local council guidelines and we also recycle your old Mattresses and Fridges/Freezers through our dedicated waste partners. 

Our team will safely secure your waste to our trucks to ensure there’s no debris or spillage during our travel. If you have any questions about where your rubbish goes and how it’s disposed of, please let our customer service team know!