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old fridge removal Sydney

Do you have an old cooling appliance lying around your garage or spare room, collecting dust and taking up space? You shouldn’t hesitate to get rid of a bulky, ugly eyesore like an ancient appliance, especially when it isn’t being used and serves as a glorified paperweight. Keeping an old piece of junk around, especially one as large and bulky as this, only presents more dangers to your home and family if it is ever accidentally knocked off balance.

Unless you have some kind of plan for salvaging the components or refurbishing it, you should just call Goodbye Junk and ask us about our services for old fridge removal in Sydney. We provide an effective, reliable and ethically minded service that never compromises on safety.

Hiring Old Fridge Removal in Sydney

See how easy it easy to book fridge removal with Goodbye Junk!

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Hiring Goodbye Junk to come to your home and safely take away your large, bulky cooling apparatus is as easy as picking up the phone. Our friendly team is eager to hear from you and talk about what we can do to help you out.


  1. Give us a call and speak with one of our friendly team members. We will work with you to organise the earliest time we can come over (usually the same day).
  2. We inspect your job and give you a quote for the fridge removal process
  3. We take the appliance away in a safe and quick manner, utilising the correct equipment and techniques
  4. We recycle the components of the unit so as little of it as possible ends up as unusable waste in a landfill

Why Hire Goodbye Junk for Old Fridge Removal in Sydney?

Discover why we’re #1 with our loyal customers

There’s no shortage of great reasons to use Goodbye Junk for your fridge removal;

Punctual and courteous

Our team is highly experienced with performing jobs like this all over metropolitan New South Wales and the outer suburbs. We can get to your house quickly, perform the job and get out of your hair all in a single afternoon with no fuss or stress attached. This means the team will always arrive with a smile and always let you know in the unlikely circumstance they need to arrive late. They’ll also clean up after themselves, which means no dirty shoe prints all over your garage floor.

Experienced experts

Another benefit of using the Goodbye Junk team for your old fridge removal in Sydney is the fact that they are highly trained and experienced with this type of work. They’ve seen and taken away all kinds of appliances big and small, so this will be absolutely no challenge for them to do both safely and quickly.

Environmentally conscious

At Goodbye Junk, we care deeply about helping Australians get their waste disposed of in the most responsible and ethical manner possible. This means we do everything we can to limit the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill. If the unit still works, after your fridge removal, our team can see what repairs it needs or if it can be refurbished and donated to a charity. We care about making sure we leave a minimal footprint behind and that our services help combat ecological issues like waste polluting the ocean. When you hire us for your fridge removal, you are making the best possible choice if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of disposing of your appliances.

If you want to organise an old fridge removal in Sydney

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