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Whether you are trying to clean, strip, even out or polish a concrete floor surface you will need an effective grinding service to get the job done properly. At Goodbye Junk we have specialised in providing an affordable grinding solution that will prepare your concrete floor surface for further use.

Concrete floor grinding involves the levelling of concrete surfaces that result from curling, warping, faulting and general roughness that comes with the nature of the material. If you do not understand the type of work you need done or are unsure of the equipment required, it can be very stressful and expensive to carry out.
This is where Goodbye Junk steps in to help.

Our concrete grinding services are a reliable and cost effective solution for treating a wide variety of different surfaces.

This includes entrance pathways, garage floors, parking lots and driveways to name a few. Our services are specifically designed to promote the durability and functionality of your floor surface.

Goodbye Junk works hard to provide specialist service regarding all areas of concrete floor grinding and preparation.

Our services are available for nearly all commercial and residential locations in the Sydney region.The specialist grinding services we provide include:

Floor levelling to create an even surface that removes any trip hazards.

Preparation of concrete floors for overlays such a wood, carpet and vinyl.

Polishing of concrete surfaces.

No matter the age of the floor surface, old or new, we are able to grind it to the specification of your choosing. Our team carefully inspects the job they are hired for and delivers an accurate diagnostic assessment before they carry on with any work.

The grinding work that we do depends on the purpose of the floor surface and what type of cleaning it requires. Our services are an environmentally conscious grinding solution and as we are also rubbish removal specialists, Goodbye Junk takes all of the debris with us. This includes the systematic removal of any oil, paint or glue that is leftover.

The cleaning service we provide to concrete floors will employ different methods depending on the final result that is desired. Tools used to improve the look of a concrete floor will be different from those used to get it ready for an overlay of another material.

At Goodbye Junk our aim is to make sure you save time and money by relying on our team’s effective use of their floor grinding techniques

The team we provide for you are experts at removing floor coverings, adhesives and compounds that make the surface uneven and difficult to apply an overlay to.

Our service is designed to provide a completely smooth and clean surface for our customers to do what they want with. Our friendly team of experts are ready to assess your situation and consult with you on the best way to proceed.

Grinding may not be the most glamorous part of your construction or renovation efforts but it is highly necessary in order to prepare a floor surface for the other work you need to do. It’s rare that the laying of concrete is done perfectly since there are almost always irregularities and imperfections to iron out.

Replacing a floor overlay can reveal annoying leftover adhesives that hinder your progress when you discover them. The best way to keep ahead of your job is to be prepared with expert grinding services on call so that the delay is minimised.

Our grinding team are professionals, using the latest equipment, who are eager to assist you. If you require grinding services in Sydney then look no further than Goodbye Junk for a reliable and affordable solution.

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Excellent Reviews

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Trust Pilot

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Grace Baily


Both the representative that spoke to me on the phone and the staff that arrived to collect the rubbish were very professional and friendly

Goodbye Junk also offered me a very reasonable price, which i really appreciate.

Will definitely use their service again.

Peter Leyshon


Excellent service

Excellent service. The guys arrived on time at our city address. The clean out was conducted with no fuss at all. The staff were friendly and efficient!



Highly Recommended

Charlie and his team were a pleasure to deal with, from the initial phone call through to waving off the final truck.

They were on time, extremely efficient and even worked though some pretty nasty rain to get the job completed when they said they would, and it came in very close to the initial estimate provided from just a few photos.



Outstanding Service

I've been using Charlie and his outstanding crew from Goodbye Junk for over three years now for my business and can highly recommend them as they have never let down.

Reliable, punctual and always go the extra mile.

Susan - Hornsby


No stress removal

I received a return phon call within 5mins of my website enquiry. Then men arrived on time and called me to say they were on their way. The price they gave me on the spot was reasonable and my thins were quickly gone. I was moving and was very relieved to have one less thing to worry about. Both men were really friendly.

I asked for their business card and would definitely recommend them.

IMPORTANT: Goodbye Junk team is still operating across Sydney. We take COVID-19 guidelines very seriously and follow best hygiene practices at every job.