Rubbish is just a fact of life. If you are a functioning human being the fact is that you will come into contact or have to deal with rubbish every day. Whether you like it or not, rubbish is a big part of our lives.

As we start producing more and more rubbish every day, the issue of rubbish removal becomes increasingly prevalent!

Despite what you may think, there is a lot you can learn about rubbish and rubbish removal in Australia, as well as the rubbish habits of all Australians.


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The proper disposal of rubbish is so important because it takes many years for it to break down. You will be long gone before a lot of these common rubbish products have fully decomposed.

Have a look at some of the items below and hopefully this will make you think about disposing of your waste properly!

  • Paper is one of the fastest common products to fully decompose sitting at 2 and a half months
  • Something as organic as an orange peel still takes half a year to decompose
  • Even though usually made of hard cardboard, milk cartons take about 5 years to decompose
  • Cigarette butts and plastic bags can take anywhere from 10 to 20 years to decompose and this is probably the most type of litter that can be seen throughout Australia
  • The humble beer can takes over 400 years to fully decompose
  • Things such as stryo-foam and glass bottles/ jars will never fully decompose

Most pieces of rubbish will take at least a couple of months to fully decompose, so remember the impact your rubbish will have on the environment before it fully decomposes! You can always find the cheapest load of rubbish in Sydney by contacting us.

Something else you probably didn’t know, Australia is one of the highest ranked producers of waste in the world in relation to the amount of rubbish per person.

We are certainly becoming more wasteful with the things we purchase. It is important to note that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you recycle and dispose of your rubbish properly.

An alarming fact is that Australians throw away billions of dollars’ worth of fresh food very year. This isn’t even looking at other categories of food; this is just fresh food, which is an unbelievable amount of food.


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Rubbish removal doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom if you understand the proper means of disposal. If you feel as though you don’t have the time or the resources to perform a proper disposal, just give GoodBye Junk a call! We are more than happy to help get your rubbish cleared.

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