Construction sites, particularly sites which involve renovation or demolition, generate a great deal of waste that needs to be removed. This waste, which ranges from excavated rock and stone to packing material, needs to be taken away regularly in order for your work on the site to proceed.

In renovation or demolition jobs the amount of waste is increased by the material you take out or destroy, such as carpet, tiles and window glass, or even brick and mortar in some cases.

Given that a large amount of the rubbish you remove is either metal or rock, very little of it will decompose naturally and a lot of it can’t even be recycled, so rubbish removal is a heavily regulated  activity in NSW.

Where you can dump itsmall construction rubbish removal

Industrial and construction waste can only be disposed of at a few specifically designated sites around the Sydney area, such as the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre in Ingleside on the Northern Beaches or Kurnell Landfill at Kurnell.

Dumping outside of a designated waste disposal site will get you a fine of up to five million dollars, or seven years in gaol. It is thus vital that construction and renovation companies understand what kinds of waste they are producing, as well as having an adequate plan for rubbish removal.

The really bad stuff

This is particularly true for the really dangerous stuff, like asbestos. Hazardous material like this requires special treatment or disposal, with the NSW Government setting out strict guidelines for asbestos storage and disposal in order to minimise the risk of contamination to the environment or other people. Rubbish removal in Sydney is a serious business, and making a mistake can cost you.

Who can do it for you

construction rubbish removalGiven that rubbish removal is such an important issue, it can often be easier for site managers to hire a waste removal company such as Goodbye Junk, who will bring skip bins to the site and collect waste for removal and/or appropriate treatment.

This relieves site managers of the worry of dealing with the waste accumulated as they work and of the responsibility for adequate disposal. It also saves the construction company from having to hire skip bins or sending workers to a tip for rubbish removal, when they could be using that time working on the site.

Goodbye Junk also deal with the waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible, recycling what can be recycled and delivering all other rubbish removed to an appropriate collection/disposal site.

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