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Top Ways to Re-Organise Your Sydney Office

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When your workspace is clean and organised, it gives you a sense of energy, creativity and motivation to get on with your work. Rather than work being a place you dread to spend time, having a rubbish-free office environment can turn it into a place where you are happy to be throughout your working week.

However, for many, the thought of organising a rubbish removal in Sydney can be daunting task. Which rubbish removal companies are best? What sort of junk removal services should I be looking out for? How much should I be spending? Are there any local Sydney junk removal companies? All these types of questions are very common when looking for rubbish removal in Sydney.

To de-clutter your office and get started on having a clean working environment, follow these tips so it doesn’t make the job more stressful then it has to be.

Get your papers sorted

Various printouts, files, brochures and records are just some of the papers that can be left lying about all over an office causing a cluttered office feel.

Gather up all your papers, and start sorting them into piles of type of paper, as well as a rubbish pile that can be disposed of or shredded. Once you have your piles sorted, go out and buy individual folders for each of these categories and organise them into date, alphabetical order or any other logical system relevant to your papers.

Once you have a clean, paper-free space then you are ready to take a look at other items on your rubbish removal checklist.

Be careful of commercial in confidence items

When sorting out items to be thrown out as part of your rubbish removal process, be careful that you are not throwing out items that contain your companies IP or private information.

If you are embarking on a rubbish removal in Sydney, the thought of your secrets getting out to local competitors could have a severe impact on your business.

Typical items to be on the watch for when sorting out your rubbish can include pricelists, agreements, contracts, databases, competitor analysis’ and strategic plans. It can be very easy to grab a bunch of papers and throw them into the waste bag, but it is ideal to take the time to sort through these papers to ensure that confidential files aren’t being tossed.

Tackle office cabinets and drawers

phone call goodbyejunkBefore looking at larger items such as computers, chairs and desks, remember to look at what is hidden away in cabinets and drawers. Many items in these locations have been stored away for months or even years, and are no longer relevant or required.

Many of these miscellaneous items that you may no longer need and can be thrown away in your rubbish removal process include; old business cards, invitations, snacks, calendars and redundant stationary.

When you have sorted out items that no longer need to be in your office cupboards, put them aside and remember to chuck them away when you organise your local Sydney rubbish removal service.

Don’t forget about storage areas                   

Hidden cupboards, doors and storage cages should also be cleaned out during your rubbish removal process. These are normally items that you don’t keep directly in your office because they aren’t required on a daily basis or aren’t a priority for your business needs at that moment.

Many of these items are kept under the pretence that you may need them “one day”. However, when de-cluttering and removing rubbish from your office, it is best to throw out these items that you haven’t required in years.

Some of these items can be include old marketing collateral, computer monitors and tools.

Don’t forget to book your rubbish removal company

Goodbye Junk truckFor a streamlined and hassle-free rubbish removal process, let the professionals take care of your junk and the disposal of it. An office clean up is a big job without adding the added stress of sorting out your rubbish.

Ensure your rubbish removal company is environmentally friendly, a local Sydney business and is cost effective. Also, they should be able to do the entire rubbish collection for you, so you don’t need to get involved in the cleanup.

By following these 5 simple rules when doing your office clean up, it should make the entire process simple and straightforward. If you start with the old papers, tackle draws and cabinets, remember to watch any private documents and get a professional rubbish removal business to take away your junk, you should have your office clean in no time.


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Grace Baily


Both the representative that spoke to me on the phone and the staff that arrived to collect the rubbish were very professional and friendly

Goodbye Junk also offered me a very reasonable price, which i really appreciate.

Will definitely use their service again.

Peter Leyshon


Excellent service

Excellent service. The guys arrived on time at our city address. The clean out was conducted with no fuss at all. The staff were friendly and efficient!



Highly Recommended

Charlie and his team were a pleasure to deal with, from the initial phone call through to waving off the final truck.

They were on time, extremely efficient and even worked though some pretty nasty rain to get the job completed when they said they would, and it came in very close to the initial estimate provided from just a few photos.



Outstanding Service

I've been using Charlie and his outstanding crew from Goodbye Junk for over three years now for my business and can highly recommend them as they have never let down.

Reliable, punctual and always go the extra mile.

Susan - Hornsby


No stress removal

I received a return phon call within 5mins of my website enquiry. Then men arrived on time and called me to say they were on their way. The price they gave me on the spot was reasonable and my thins were quickly gone. I was moving and was very relieved to have one less thing to worry about. Both men were really friendly.

I asked for their business card and would definitely recommend them.

IMPORTANT: Goodbye Junk team is still operating across Sydney. We take COVID-19 guidelines very seriously and follow best hygiene practices at every job.