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If you’re in Longueville and need rubbish removal services of any kind, get in touch with Goodbye Junk! We can clear up any and all waste you might have, from household junk to construction site debris – within an hour or two it’ll be in our truck and out of your life!
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Our rubbish removal in Longueville comes with same or next day service, and we will give you an obligation free quote before we start! In addition to rubbish removal we also rent out skip bins (also with same or next day delivery) and engage in minor demolition work (e.g. drywall removal).

All of our services are fast, affordable and eco-friendly – so call now! Our rubbish removal service is great for clearing out your house for a renovation, or for getting rid of green waste before you engage a landscaper. We can also clear debris and general waste around work sites.

While we think it’s better (and cheaper!) to get us to take your junk away, if you’re planning an event or you haven’t sorted through the stuff in your storage yet then hiring a skip bin can make your life much easier – just fill it up with rubbish and let us deal with it!

All of the waste we take away gets carefully sorted, so that everything that can be recycled or re-used is taken out before we put the rest in a landfill. We separate out all glass, metal, paper and recyclable plastics, then sort them by type/colour and take them to the appropriate recycling plants.

Anything we find that could still be useful (particularly textiles, like sheets or clothes) is donated to humanitarian organisations, to help someone in need. You know that when you hire Goodbye Junk all of the rubbish we collect is sorted carefully and disposed of responsibly.

So if you want efficient, friendly and above all environmentally responsible rubbish removal in Longueville, Goodbye Junk has you covered! For enquiries about our service, call now on 0498 448 480 or email us at charlie@goodbyejunk.com.au and watch your waste problems disappear!
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