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Call for Efficient Rubbish Removal in Double Bay!

If you have any kind of rubbish removal needs in or around Double Bay, call Goodbye Junk now! We specialise in rubbish removal of all kinds, from taking away your garden waste to cleaning up debris from a renovation or construction job! No matter what you need taken away, if it fits in our truck we can deal with it!
rubbish removal services
Our services are fast, reasonably priced and eco-friendly – what more can you ask for? We can take away household junk (including green waste), commercial rubbish and construction debris, and we do it all with a smile and a wave!

Our clean ups can be booked at the last minute, and we guarantee same or next day service no matter when you call! We can also be booked in advance, if you anticipate needing our help. Before we start taking away your junk we will also give you an obligation free quote, so that you don’t get any surprises later on!

In addition to clear outs we offer skip bin hire, again with an option for same or next day delivery, which we will take away once you are either done or fill it up! Our skip bins are great for large events or temporary work sites, as they make the whole area much easier for you to keep clean.

We can also do basic demolition in preparation for a renovation, or we can take out drywall for you if you think it’s a bit dodgy. Our demolition services come with a free clean up afterwards as well!

Commercial sites, particularly shops, eateries and bars, often have storage spaces that are virtually unusable due to an accumulation of junk in there. This junk could include broken appliances, old or excess furniture or promotional materials from years ago. When you call us, we can clear it all out and give you back a space that you can use to actually store extra stock that you might need!

So for any kind of rubbish removal service around Double Bay, call Goodbye Junk now on 0498 448 480 or email us at, and get ready to enjoy your new, more spacious life!
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