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For any rubbish removal needs around Centennial Park get in contact with Goodbye Junk! We’re environmentally-friendly, efficient rubbish removal specialists, who get rid of any rubbish from any office, home or construction site.
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We offer a variety of services, such as same day pick-up or single day skip delivery and pick-up. This way you get the service that best suits you. Plus when you get in contact with us, we’ll give you a FREE quote! So you know exactly how much it’ll cost before we get started.

We aim to make the experience as easy as possible for you. No need to carry any heavy furniture and risk an injury. We’ll remove anything, from anywhere! No need to organise everything perfectly. We’ll collect everything and sort it for you! We’ll even clean the area we pick up from to make sure everything is as clean as possible.

The Green bin is simply not big enough for the amount of grass, leaves and branches an overdue extended gardening session leads to. You end up being left with bundles of sticks, piles of leaves and a bunch of garbage bags that have a minimum three stick poking out of them. The next pick up is two months away and you can’t fit them all in your car. We specialise in making sure all your natural material is picked up, not matter if it’s been bagged or left in a pile.

We pride ourselves on our environmentally-friendly recycling habits. We don’t just pick up your stuff and dump it in a landfill or throw it in a river. We take it back to our processing centre to sort through all the rubbish; making sure the maximum amount of recyclable material finds reuse.

If you need rubbish removal services near Centennial Park, get in contact with Goodbye Junk!
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