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Need a way to get rid of all your mounds of rubbish? Get in contact with Goodbye Junk for all your rubbish removal needs! We’ll take away all your rubbish, anywhere around the Cammeray area.
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Not sure how to get rid of all your old office equipment? Still have construction material lying around from your latest renovation? Finally cleared out all those never used filing cabinets? We’ll get rid of all it and we’ll give you a quote for FREE!

Goodbye Junk offers cheap and efficient service with an emphasis on environmental friendly waste removal. Not only do we take any and all rubbish, but we make sure we recycle all material possible.

Office equipment requires many variations in its disposal, from computers, to furniture, to cables. We make sure we organize and arrange the most effective ways for all these materials to be recycled.

Happy with the renovations to your home, but need to get rid of the skip of drywall, metal and wood left over? Goodbye Junk can collect a skip and more of all your residue building material. Making sure you can fully appreciate your new living space; cleaning away your junk and your post-renovation concerns.

Everyone does that long awaited deep dive into those filing cabinets untouched since The Matrix, but don’t be puzzled and confounded by the amount of paper you used. Let us clear away all that old filing with appropriate recycling. As all cardboard and paper recycled helps to decrease unnecessary logging, lowers energy output and prevents this reusable material from finding a home in overused landfills.

For all your rubbish removal needs around Cammeray, get in contact with Goodbye Junk! Give us a call and let us take care of all your junk.
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