Rubbish Pick Up

No matter the job, Goodbye Junk provides the best in rubbish pick up services

Rubbish Pick Up

Do you need rubbish pick up services for your home, business or construction site? We can help!

At Goodbye Junk, we have established one of Sydney’s most reliable, affordable and trusted rubbish pick up providers. Our uniformed team of friendly, talented and insured experts ensure that the job gets done to perfection every time – no matter how big or small it is!

How can we help?

We deliver a comprehensive rubbish pick up service across Sydney

Same/Next Day Rubbish Pick Up

Our trucks can arrive at your home, business or construction site at a time of your choosing, assess the extent of the job and create an actionable plan for executing on it. We don’t waste any time getting to work – we want to get out of your hair as quickly as possible so you can get back to something more important. With Goodbye Junk, you can treat your garbage as an afterthought with total peace of mind.

Rubbish Pick Up

Skip Bin Hire

We also provide skip bin hire for customers who want to fill up a container themselves. This can be preferable if you want to sort through everything as you clean, in case there are valuables you want to keep, or if you are hosting an event where a large amount of waste is going to be generated (like a large party or community fete).

Minor Demolition Work

We also provide small-scale demolition work for our customers who might need a service like drywall removal for an upcoming renovation. Our team is trained and qualified in executing safe demolition work on par with the quality you can expect from a dedicated demolitions firm.

Rubbish Pick Up

Why hire Goodbye Junk?

Find out why our rubbish pick up service is your best choice

Friendly, Fast and Reliable

Our team always arrives at your home with a smile, ready and eager to help. We always strive to arrive on time, however, if something happens to go wrong and we’re running a little late, you’ll be sure to get notified.

We know that you don’t want to spend your day waiting for us to arrive, completing our job and then filling out paperwork. This is why we have streamlined our rubbish pick up service so that we get the job done as quickly as possible.

Environmentally Responsible

We care a great deal about reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal and we know you do too. We guarantee that everything we collect from you will be sorted and taken to the appropriate recycling centre or donated to a humanitarian charity so it can be re-used by someone less fortunate.

If you want total peace of mind regarding the ultimate fate of your garbage, Goodbye Junk is clearly your best option. We make it so that as little as possible ever ends up in a landfill.


The team that arrives at your home is fully insured against injury should the unexpected occur. However, it’s highly unlikely anything will go wrong since our team are physically fit and know how to safely lift heavy items like furniture or white goods.

This is one of the best reasons to use us for rubbish pick up – you won’t unnecessarily risk injury to yourself or anyone else you ask to help you with cleaning. With us, you can sit back, relax and have total peace of mind as you watch your trash disappear all in a single afternoon.


We maintain a highly competitive price structure and give you a FREE QUOTE so we can assess the extent of the job you need done. If you run a business or manage a construction site, then we can also help you organise a cost-effective plan for regular clear-outs so that you can do what you do best without worrying about the clean-up.

Need Rubbish Pick Up in Sydney? Get in touch today for a FREE QUOTE!

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Goodbye Junk provides Rubbish Removal all over Sydney. Don't bother hiring a big skip, then wasting your weekends filling it up. Save your time and money and have our team come to you with our truck so we can remove the junk.

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