Office Demolition in Sydney

If you need office demolition services in Sydney, call Goodbye Junk on 0498 448 480 to get a great service! We demolish your office fixtures quickly and with no fuss, so that you can get it rebuilt faster!
office demolition sydney
office demolition sydney
If your business is expanding you may need to renovate your office (or offices) so that you have more space for employees – or simply to have a more impressive place to meet clients. We can strip out your office and knock out walls so that you can build your vision!

Sydney office demolition can be tricky without the right team – we need to make sure that everything is out of the office before we start, and we also want to minimise disruption to the rest of the building or business. Goodbye Junk will keep all the mess confined to the rooms that are being renovated, and we will keep the noise to a minimum!

You might be thinking about getting our office demolition team for different reasons – maybe you want a space that’s easier to co-work in, maybe you want to increase natural light into the office to reduce electricity, or maybe you just have more people working for you than can fit in the old office. Whatever your reason, Goodbye Junk can help you!

Before we start, there are a few things you need to do. First, if you don’t own the building, you need to get the permission of the owner to commence demolition. If your renovation will add value to the building, this shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle.

Second, you need to get council approval for your demolition. You will need to prove that you aren’t taking out any load bearing walls, and will need to estimate the disruption caused to other people in the area.

Finally, you need to find a place for the people who work in the office to go while we knock out the walls (you would think we don’t need to say that but you would be surprised)!  Now we are ready to get started on taking out some plasterboard and improving your office space!

For Sydney office demolition Goodbye Junk have the team for you! Just give us a call and we will come have a look at what you want done, then give you a quote for our services! We are also experts at cleaning up after a demolition or renovation, so have no fear about the mess!
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