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Goodbye Junk offers quality commercial and industrial demolition services all over Sydney. Our demolition company can take care of any and all of your pre-renovation needs, from simply stripping drywall through to taking out entire walls.

demolition contractors in Sydney

Demolition services in Sydney are inherently dangerous, so it’s important that you hire a team who can do the job right. Goodbye Junk will provide you with demolition contractors who can work anywhere in Sydney, and who will have the training and equipment to do your job properly and quickly.

demolition contractors Sydney

Our Sydney industrial demolition services can take out walls, floors and roofs. Our planning is meticulous, and we will work with you to finish the project to your schedule without being forced to cut corners. We know that you are eager to reconfigure your space, so we will make sure that when we finish you can get started on the next stage straight away.

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Why Choose Goodbye Junk

demolition contractors Sydney

We will work quickly and unobtrusively to minimise our disruption to your business on strip outs, and take out any walls or other elements you want to get rid of fast if you want to redesign your space.


If you’re just renovating then we can do strip-outs and minor demolitions one room at a time and outside of your business hours. This will ensure that your customers and employees are as unaffected as possible by our work, so that your business can continue operating throughout the process.


Our Sydney demolition contractors are highly experienced when it comes to stripping out a building. We can take out all of your fixtures, drywall, wiring, gas, plumbing and anything else that needs to be out of the way before you start your renovation, whether you’re redoing a commercial kitchen or redesigning your offices.

Demolition Services in Sydney

If you need to do more extensive renovations then we will take care of everything for you, from organising all the labour and materials you need to disposing of all of the waste properly. We will also provide you with the receipts you will need to show your council that will prove all applicable regulations are being followed.

For both industrial and commercial demolition in Sydney, we can go as far as you need to in order to redesign your building. Whether you want the entire stripped out so that you can redesign the space or you just want to convert your offices to an open plan we have a fully trained and equipped team to meet your needs.

demolition services in Sydney

Goodbye Junk will provide you with a team..

..who are experienced in all aspects of demolition work in Sydney, from the demolition service itself the clean up afterwards. So for any commercial or industrial demolition jobs in Sydney, ranging from a strip out to taking out entire walls, get in touch with Goodbye Junk today!

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