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If you need your drywall removed, whether it’s because you have Chinese drywall that needs removal or for renovation, call Goodbye Junk on 1800 40 50 40 to get it done!

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Imported drywall may not be manufactured to Australian safety standards, and when this happens the wall needs to be taken out.

If your drywall was built with dodgy materials, it could be harmful to your health and to your cabling. We Australians have heard a lot about Chinese drywall problems in the US, but the reality is that it happens here too, and it’s important to get tainted drywall removed before it’s too late.

Chinese drywall is made using volatile chemicals which release sulphuric gasses as they break down, which happens in the presence of moisture and heat. The sulphuric emissions are toxic to breath in, causing a number of health issues, and also corrode copper wires and other metals in the home.

Some Australian homes built with drywall imported from China have also been found to contain asbestos, which is toxic and has been banned in Australia for many years – however the import slipped through customs and was used as the material was cheap.

If you’re worried about your drywall, get it tested. If there is a problem, Goodbye Junk are equipped to demolish the plaster and remove any hazardous materials from your home or office and take it away from treatment and disposal. We also clean up the mess from knocking out your walls!

chinese drywall removal costs

The cost of Chinese drywall removal will be covered by insurance (or whoever built the wall) if we need to take it out because it is hazardous.

We will also, of course, take out your drywall for more fun reasons, like renovation! Knocking out non load bearing walls can be a great way to convert your home into an open plan living area, and make your rooms feel more spacious.

Our drywall removal costs are very affordable, and our professional team ensures that you get the best possible service. We will knock out your wall as quickly as possible, to minimise the disruption to your daily life, and then you can start furnishing your new space!

So for drywall removal, whether for renovation or health purposes, call Goodbye Junk to get your walls knocked down and the debris taken away!

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