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building waste removal

If you are managing a construction project of any reasonable size, then you are going to need to organise some kind of building waste removal in order to meet your due diligence and keep everyone safe. This is obviously very important in terms of preventing debris from affecting your construction project, where at best it will be an annoyance for your workers and at worst a life-threatening hazard.

However, getting your own team to clean up after themselves and get the site in perfect shape for efficient work isn’t always the best option. You hired them to build, not to clean up.

This is why you should consider hiring Goodbye Junk and letting us handle all your building waste removal on your behalf. We can help organise routine clear outs so that you have total peace of mind and never have to worry about that aspect of the project again.

Why is building waste removal so important?

See why it’s so essential to clean-up you worksite

building waste removal in Sydney

If you fail to organise any kind of building waste removal (either internally or when you hire a 3rd party like Goodbye Junk) you are inviting a whole range of issues, both legal and practical. Trying to work around large piles of construction debris makes it impossible to work efficiently and introduces a huge risk factor for your workers as well as the surrounding community.

If you don’t do your due diligence, you open yourself up to legal scrutiny if and when something goes wrong. Basically, building waste removal is necessary and you can’t avoid it – so why not let Goodbye Junk handle it all on your behalf?

Why Goodbye Junk?

Discover why we’re the best choice in building waste removal

At Goodbye Junk, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that we consistently provide safe, affordable and effective rubbish removal in whatever context it is needed. When it comes to building waste removal, our team have seen it all before and they know the fastest way to dispose of common types of construction debris.

Fully qualified, fully trained

Our team of uniformed experts know all the proper lifting techniques and how to use the correct equipment to shift large amounts of debris in a short amount of time. Gyprock, pieces of brick, discarded insulation tubing and more can all be dumped into our trucks safely by our team. This means you can enjoy total peace of mind about any liability issues, since all the work will be done by insured professionals.


When time is of the essence, you can’t go past Goodbye Junk when you need building waste removal. Our team knows the fastest way to get the job done without ever compromising on safety or risking damage to your construction project. This means that, depending on the size of the job, we can arrive at your construction site and clear everything away in a single day! We can also organise regular clear-outs of your construction debris so that it never accumulates too much before we come and take care of it.

Eco-friendly policy

At Goodbye Junk, we maintain an eco-friendly policy for how we dispose of all the junk we collect when performing building waste removal. This means that any materials that can be recycled are taken to the appropriate recycling centre to be processed. Only after every possible recyclable is processed is the rest taken to a regular landfill. This can give you greater peace of mind knowing that your firm can be seen as being eco-friendly because you engaged Goodbye Junk’s sustainable services.

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