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Vital FAQs about Rubbish Removal in Manly

Good Bye Junk yellow truck household rubbish removal


A clean home is necessary for maintaining the hygiene as well as the health of your family and that of you. But with your busy schedule, it is tough to take time out and do away with all the trash at the right time. One major predicament that you may face in this case is deciding when the right time is to call the professionals for rubbish removal in Manly. There are several other queries that you may have about hiring a rubbish removal company. Below are enlisted some of the most frequently asked questions about appointing a removal company so that all your doubts can be clarified regarding this.

What are the things that can be removed with the help of a junk removal company?

Before calling a trash removal company, you should make sure what kind of scraps are removed by them and what are avoided by them. Usually, these companies do not carry commercial and hazardous wastes. The types of wastes that are eradicated by these organisations include paint, insecticides, pesticides, paint strippers and thinners, solvents, propane tanks, fertilizers, fluorescent lights, pool chemicals, furniture, metal polish, electronics and so on. Just like the professionals of 


When is the right time to call the trash removers?

handshake with a happy customerCleaning the entire home on a single day can be very hectic. That is why it is advisable that you remove the rubbish slowly in small chunks.  In most cases, the rates of the commercial and domestic services of rubbish removal Mosman vary. Usually, the cost of junks depends on the amount of trash that you want to dispose of at a single time. That is why you must make sure how much junk you want to do away with at a single time.

If you are residing in a small house, it is best that you get rid of the garbage before it becomes too much. There are various space calculators available online that will help you understand the exact amount of junk that should be disposed of so that you can get the best prices. So you can take help of these to get a fair idea regarding the amount of rubbish removal in Manly that you want to opt for, at a time.

How to get the best prices for trash removal?

There may be some doubts about the prices of junk removal services. Just like furniture removal City of Canterbury the price charged will depend on the amount of trash to be removed. If there is a less amount of junk, you must be charged less. On the other hand I there is a significant amount you may be charged a huge amount.

The exact charges may be determined by calling a professional from the service provider of rubbish removal Mosman whom you have chosen.  After that, you can decide the amount of waste that you want to remove. But it is always advisable that you ask for the quote from a number of companies and then decide which one to appoint. This way you will be able to bag the best deal.

Opt for Eco-friendly Rubbish Removal in Manly

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If you want to do away with the junk in your space, then calling for the rubbish removers is a great idea. How about doing something extra that can be a good call? Well, you can adopt the eco-friendly route and hire professional rubbish removal Manly who would cater to your requirements, while at the same time keeping the environment clean. These days’ people are vouching for the eco-friendly way for garbage clearance, and it is definitely great if you look at the benefits it begets in the long run.

Rubbish Removal in Manly

Clean and Green

A clean and green environment can keep you disease free and promote health for all. The best way to start is not by planting trees, it all comes much later. Start off, by clearing the junk and recycling it. Selecting the eco-friendly route for rubbish removal CBD is all about recycling the wastes. So, before you throw away the cardboard pieces and burn them to ashes, don’t forget that the garbage collectors can reuse the items, and this will lead to a greener environment for the future. However, don’t expect such changes to happen overnight, but switching to eco-friendly garbage removal is the first baby step you have taken, and it is certainly praiseworthy.


Charity begins at home

Most of the time garbage removalists are hired in offices. In the commercial zone, we talk about environment-friendly garbage removals. Well, as it is commonly said, ‘charity begins at home’ so start off with your house on a regular basis, before you start preaching others at the office. It is true that the garbage at home is far less compared to office wastes, but if you think again, then it is found that at home wastes are lesser, but it is not cleaned on a regular basis. So, before you start it up at your office, look into your own space! Reuse, recycle and reduce the wastes.

moving house Goodbye Junk team

Don’t talk about it, act on it

It’s wonderful to talk about eco-friendly rubbish removal Manly, but just talking will not lead you far; working on your words is going to make it worth it! So, gear up and hire the services of a professional right away. Many junk removalists have taken the recycle route for ensuring an environmental-friendly way out. However, to get a precise idea about how they go about with the recyclable route, have a talk with them and know more about the imperatives about waste handling.

Cuts down on expenses

Coming to the most important part of it and that is money factor for rubbish removal CBD. Did you know that eco-friendly waste removal services can help you immensely in cutting down the costs to a great extent? Yes, as you recycle the papers, cardboards, metals, glass and other things; the products can be reused again and thus the charges for garbage removal go down considerably.

Thus, it can be concluded that going the eco-friendly way for junk removal is a great way. It will not only cut down expenses but make you a HERO in front of others and on top of it; you will get a lot of satisfaction by doing something truly good for the environment. Although a small effort, but it can be a gratifying experience!

Everything About Domestic Rubbish Removal in Parramatta

domestic rubbish removal


While many will tell you about the importance of hiring professionals for commercial waste disposal, but disposing of the household garbage can be a real pain. It may not be easy as it seems, at all times. If you give it a deep thought and look around your home, you will find that there are ample things that need to be disposed in the right away. Yes, by just looking around, you will find so many; how about cleaning up the junk and getting them removed for good? That’s the time you need to hire professionals for rubbish removal Parramatta and get the clutter cleared. So, are you all ready to invest your money and get a PRO to do the needful? Well, it is an imperative necessity in contemporary times.

Removing bulk wastes

When you are at home, waste disposal is not only about the littered bins. You may also think about eradicating the broken bed or the disfigured furniture, shelves and cupboards. This is called ‘bulk disposal’ and thus hiring experts for furniture removal in City of Canterbury can be a good move. DIY can be real strenuous and not at all worth it. Do you know where to dispose of the load? Obviously, you are not very clear with it. But, a professional will be aware and know where to disperse of the bulk wastes.

Medical wastes removal

What do you do with the medical wastes? Yes, the syringes, the acid cans and other dangerous liquid and solid wastes. Do you just disperse it into the bins? It can be deadly, not only for you but also for others who would be handling the rubbish. However, the experts handling rubbish removal Chatswood make sure that the medical wastes are dispelled in a better fashion that would not pose to be dangerous or deadly.

green waste removal

Green Junk

If you have a lawn, you will surely understand the need to hire professionals to clear the dead leaves, plant roots and bushes around. If it is not done on a daily and regular basis, then the junk would be enormous and too difficult to be handled. Getting time out regularly from your busy schedule is not always possible and even if you are late for a day or two, the yard junk can look gruesome. At this point, call in the professionals for rubbish removal Chatswood. They clean up the space in a proper fashion and make the lawn look neat and lovely. A clean garden is definitely going to fetch you compliments from the neighbours and getting it cleaned falls into the regular maintenance program.

Eco-friendly disposal

‘Recycle – Reuse – Reduce – Repeat’ that’s the mantra to be followed for rubbish removal in Parramatta, in case you are hiring professionals. Yes, in contemporary times global warming is a huge threat which has made people conscious about recycling wastes. An eco-friendly waste disposal can prove to be cost effective as well. Paper, plastic bottles, cardboard pieces, glasses, green wastes and other items that are waste products are ecologically manoeuvred and recycled to be reused productively. This is a very progressive step that makes the professional indeed the best person to be handling the rubbish removal.

handshake with a happy customer

Cost-effective pricing

It is a known fact that you would be unwilling to spend a hefty amount of money for household junk removal. Well, the professionals have packages to cater to different kinds of needs and necessities. For instance, furniture removal City of Canterbury that caters to bulk junk removal category will be a bit costlier, than the regular rubbish disposals like yard wastes, medical wastes and so on.

Want to know the exact quote before you make a decision? Then get connected with a professional waste removal service provider and ask for a non-obligation quote.

Types of Rubbish and How to Dispose Them

construction rubbish household


Landfill may be the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of waste disposal. Yet, waste disposal is more than tossing rubbish into a pile.

Instead, we implement a system to manage waste. This refers to the whole process – from generation to disposal. It covers collection, transportation and disposal of rubbish, sewage and other waste products.

The method in disposing waste depends on what the characteristics of the material. For instance, we have wastes that are hazardous to the environment, therefore we need utmost care disposing them.

Given this, Sydney garbage removal services use different methods to manage the various types of waste. Here are the different types of waste and how to properly dispose them.

1. Liquid or solid household waste

The trash that you gather in the black garbage bag to be collected by the municipal staff is household waste. This type of rubbish is also called municipal waste or black bag waste. Household waste can be solid or liquid.

Liquid household waste includes wash water from various homes – water used to clean cars, clothes and used in the bathroom. Most of this go to the municipal sewer lines.

On the other hand, some solid wastes are converted into liquid for disposal. Though household waste doesn’t frequently contain large quantities of toxic substances and can attract rats and flies and serve as breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Household waste can be disposed through:

  • Incineration

With this, the rubbish is burned at high temperatures to convert them into gas and residue. This method reduces the volume of solid waste by 20 percent.

  • Landfill

In this method, solid waste is buried. But before burying the garbage, Sydney garbage removal experts process the rubbish first to eliminate the odours and the dangers the waste bring.

Countries like Japan which has little space left to bury the garbage, they have shifted to combustion/incineration.

2. Electrical waste

Electrical waste or E-waste is rubbish generated from used electronic devices or just about anything that has circuitry or electrical components. This includes printers, computer parts, computers, music and DVD players, telephones, networking equipment, vacuum cleaners and TVs sets.

These waste materials often contain toxic metals especially mercury   antimony oxide, lead, cadmium and brominated flame retardants.. These are all dangerous to the environment and humans and humans alike.

Electrical waste are best disposed through recovery and recycling.

  • Resource recovery happens when discarded items into a specific subsequent use.
  • Recycling on the other hand is the use of waste products into a material to produce a new product. The process takes the third place in the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle waste hierarchy.

types of rubbish


3. Medical or clinical waste

Medical waste is generated during the treatment of patients, immunisation or diagnosis.They are also generated during lab and other research activities that involve testing or producing biological materials.

Some pharmaceutical waste similar to those produced by health care centres, hospitals and clinics can also be found in homes.

Examples include bandages and dressing that contain body fluids or dry blood. It can also be chemicals such as phenols and formaldehyde; and used syringes.

Note that most of these are not marked hazardous. They need to be properly disposed in landfills or through incineration.

But there are more hazardous healthcare wastes that include hypodermic needles. These should not be mixed with household waste..

Medical waste is generally highly infectious. One of the best ways to handle this kind of waste is through Waste to Energy method.

Waste to energy process essentially involves converting non-recyclable garbage into useable electricity, heat energy or fuel through various processes.

4. Demolition and construction debris

These are solid wastes generated from demolished buildings or from buildings undergoing renovation or fresh construction.

Such debris are normally comprised of weighty and bulky material like bricks, roofing shingles, ceiling tiles, plumbing fixtures, carpeting, asphalt, fill dirt, wood, concrete and bricks. Some of these debris can be recovered for reuse.

For instance, wood from this kind of debris can be chipped and used in composting and landscaping, or be recovered for use again as dimensional lumber.

You can dispose the metals from construction and demolition debris by selling them to scrap-metal dealers.

5. Organic waste

Also referred to as green waste, organic waste are by-products of plants or animal sources. This includes fruit and vegetable peels such as food waste, flower trimmings and animal droppings.

These are biodegradable – they are easily broken down by microbes or other organisms and turned into manure over time.

Other than professional green waste removal, Sydney people usually turn it into compost that they use in their gardens.

Apart from the above waste, it is common for Sydney garbage collectors to pick up damaged furniture. Most residents don’t know how to dispose this, so it’s best to leave the job to the professionals.


Proper waste management is extremely important in safeguarding both human and environmental health. Be actively involved in proper disposal of waste and call professional garbage removers in Sydney. This is the surest way to protect future generations.

Call our team if you need any rubbish removed in Sydney.

Top Ways to Re-Organise Your Sydney Office

office rubbish removal before


When your workspace is clean and organised, it gives you a sense of energy, creativity and motivation to get on with your work. Rather than work being a place you dread to spend time, having a rubbish-free office environment can turn it into a place where you are happy to be throughout your working week.

However, for many, the thought of organising a rubbish removal in Sydney can be daunting task. Which rubbish removal companies are best? What sort of junk removal services should I be looking out for? How much should I be spending? Are there any local Sydney junk removal companies? All these types of questions are very common when looking for rubbish removal in Sydney.

To de-clutter your office and get started on having a clean working environment, follow these tips so it doesn’t make the job more stressful then it has to be.

Get your papers sorted

Various printouts, files, brochures and records are just some of the papers that can be left lying about all over an office causing a cluttered office feel.

Gather up all your papers, and start sorting them into piles of type of paper, as well as a rubbish pile that can be disposed of or shredded. Once you have your piles sorted, go out and buy individual folders for each of these categories and organise them into date, alphabetical order or any other logical system relevant to your papers.

Once you have a clean, paper-free space then you are ready to take a look at other items on your rubbish removal checklist.

Be careful of commercial in confidence items

When sorting out items to be thrown out as part of your rubbish removal process, be careful that you are not throwing out items that contain your companies IP or private information.

If you are embarking on a rubbish removal in Sydney, the thought of your secrets getting out to local competitors could have a severe impact on your business.

Typical items to be on the watch for when sorting out your rubbish can include pricelists, agreements, contracts, databases, competitor analysis’ and strategic plans. It can be very easy to grab a bunch of papers and throw them into the waste bag, but it is ideal to take the time to sort through these papers to ensure that confidential files aren’t being tossed.

Tackle office cabinets and drawers

phone call goodbyejunkBefore looking at larger items such as computers, chairs and desks, remember to look at what is hidden away in cabinets and drawers. Many items in these locations have been stored away for months or even years, and are no longer relevant or required.

Many of these miscellaneous items that you may no longer need and can be thrown away in your rubbish removal process include; old business cards, invitations, snacks, calendars and redundant stationary.

When you have sorted out items that no longer need to be in your office cupboards, put them aside and remember to chuck them away when you organise your local Sydney rubbish removal service.

Don’t forget about storage areas                   

Hidden cupboards, doors and storage cages should also be cleaned out during your rubbish removal process. These are normally items that you don’t keep directly in your office because they aren’t required on a daily basis or aren’t a priority for your business needs at that moment.

Many of these items are kept under the pretence that you may need them “one day”. However, when de-cluttering and removing rubbish from your office, it is best to throw out these items that you haven’t required in years.

Some of these items can be include old marketing collateral, computer monitors and tools.

Don’t forget to book your rubbish removal company

Goodbye Junk truckFor a streamlined and hassle-free rubbish removal process, let the professionals take care of your junk and the disposal of it. An office clean up is a big job without adding the added stress of sorting out your rubbish.

Ensure your rubbish removal company is environmentally friendly, a local Sydney business and is cost effective. Also, they should be able to do the entire rubbish collection for you, so you don’t need to get involved in the cleanup.

By following these 5 simple rules when doing your office clean up, it should make the entire process simple and straightforward. If you start with the old papers, tackle draws and cabinets, remember to watch any private documents and get a professional rubbish removal business to take away your junk, you should have your office clean in no time.

Facts about Rubbish and Rubbish Removal that you probably didn’t know!

rubbish removal done
Rubbish is just a fact of life. If you are a functioning human being the fact is that you will come into contact or have to deal with rubbish every day. Whether you like it or not, rubbish is a big part of our lives.

As we start producing more and more rubbish every day, the issue of rubbish removal becomes increasingly prevalent!

Despite what you may think, there is a lot you can learn about rubbish and rubbish removal in Australia, as well as the rubbish habits of all Australians.

The proper disposal of rubbish is so important because it takes many years for it to break down. You will be long gone before a lot of these common rubbish products have fully decomposed.

Have a look at some of the items below and hopefully this will make you think about disposing of your waste properly!

  • Paper is one of the fastest common products to fully decompose sitting at 2 and a half months
  • Something as organic as an orange peel still takes half a year to decompose
  • Even though usually made of hard cardboard, milk cartons take about 5 years to decompose
  • Cigarette butts and plastic bags can take anywhere from 10 to 20 years to decompose and this is probably the most type of litter that can be seen throughout Australia
  • The humble beer can takes over 400 years to fully decompose
  • Things such as stryo-foam and glass bottles/ jars will never fully decompose

Most pieces of rubbish will take at least a couple of months to fully decompose, so remember the impact your rubbish will have on the environment before it fully decomposes! You can always find the cheapest load of rubbish in Sydney by contacting us.

Something else you probably didn’t know, Australia is one of the highest-ranked producers of waste in the world in relation to the amount of rubbish per person.


We are certainly becoming more wasteful with the things we purchase. It is important to note that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you recycle and dispose of your rubbish properly.

An alarming fact is that Australians throw away billions of dollars’ worth of fresh food very year. This isn’t even looking at other categories of food; this is just fresh food, which is an unbelievable amount of food.

Rubbish removal doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom if you understand the proper means of disposal. If you feel as though you don’t have the time or the resources to perform a proper disposal, just give GoodBye Junk a call! We are more than happy to help get your rubbish cleared.

Need Junk or Debris Removal?

sold house rubbish removal


GoodbyeJunk is the leading waste removal company in Sydney since 2015. Our company operates the biggest rubbish trucks for your junk, construction debris, yard waste and more.

GoodbyeJunk hauls away almost anything that’s non-hazardous. Here are some of the junks we remove:

  • Garden waste pickup in Sydney
  • Furniture pickup and removal
  • Mattress removal Sydney
  • Concrete waste Removal
  • Office Strip outs
  • Office furniture removal

Tell us what you want to remove and we’ll load it up. We make sure to leave your space neat and tidy all the time! And because of this, our clients are always impressed!

rubbish removal loaded truck Reasons why we get repeat customers:

  • We are recycling focused.
  • We provide outstanding customer service.
  • We are committed to reliable scheduling.
  • We offer competitive prices so skip bins Sydney now!
  • We clean up well. Rest assured that we will leave your place neat and tidy.

 Check out our 5-star customer reviews here

Aside from rubbish removal, our company also does commercial or residential demolition jobs. We service homes and offices with same day rubbish removal and have the cheapest rubbish removal in Sydney rates. Skip bin Sydney now and let us handle the dirty work!

Committed to Recycling and Reusing

GoodbyeJunk is committed to a cleaner and brighter environment for our future generations. We recycle as much as much as possible and all the rubbish we take from our customers are thoroughly sorted and processed to the highest standards. Rest assured, your waste will be reused and shall be a treasure to others. Check out this page WE ARE ECO  to know more about our commitment to a greener environment.

We service the following areas:
clean up after rubbish removal


What are you waiting for? Call us now for a FREE Quote!

Rubbish Removal Mistakes to Avoid

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You may think otherwise, but the rubbish removal process is actually fairly difficult. Many don’t have the knowledge or the skills (or even the time) necessary to ensure the proper and safe removal of rubbish. This can result in people doing the wrong thing when it comes to rubbish removal, knowingly or unknowingly.

If you want to remove the rubbish yourself that is no problem! You should read below to ensure you are not making these 3 vital mistakes. Otherwise, the safer option is to hire a rubbish removal professional. These professionals have years of experience and they have the skills and tools necessary to remove the rubbish in a safe manner.

sold house rubbish removal

1. Leaving Rubbish on the Road

It is common to see people leaving their rubbish on the side of the road. Sometimes there is a community clean up and your council area will fund a small clean-up of local rubbish. But other than this you should never simply leave your rubbish on the side of the road. Sometimes people think they are doing others a favour by allowing them to take their old things (such as shoes, couches, chairs, etc.). However, most people won’t touch it because they don’t know where it has been and it may be damaged because it was exposed to the elements for too long.

2. Illegal Dumping

Some of the time people simply don’t know that what and where they are dumping their rubbish is illegal. Other times people dump rubbish knowing that it is illegal. Your junk must always be disposed of properly and illegal dumping should never be an option. If you get caught illegally dumping you will be fined (up to $5,000!). It is not worth the risk, especially now when professional rubbish removal companies are so cheap.

This is a big no-no. However, it is a fairly common rubbish removal mistake that many people make. You should never burn rubbish! It causes significant levels of air pollution and in the long term can cause health problems like heart diseases. Burning rubbish once or twice doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but the effects of this are immediate and can result in lasting issues.

You must always dispose of your rubbish in the correct manner. If you do not think you have the ability to do this then you should call in the professionals. GoodBye Junk offers a fast and reliable service for commercial and individuals – we always dispose of the rubbish properly.


Excellent Reviews

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Trust Pilot

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Google Reviews

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Grace Baily


Both the representative that spoke to me on the phone and the staff that arrived to collect the rubbish were very professional and friendly

Goodbye Junk also offered me a very reasonable price, which i really appreciate.

Will definitely use their service again.

Peter Leyshon


Excellent service

Excellent service. The guys arrived on time at our city address. The clean out was conducted with no fuss at all. The staff were friendly and efficient!



Highly Recommended

Charlie and his team were a pleasure to deal with, from the initial phone call through to waving off the final truck.

They were on time, extremely efficient and even worked though some pretty nasty rain to get the job completed when they said they would, and it came in very close to the initial estimate provided from just a few photos.



Outstanding Service

I've been using Charlie and his outstanding crew from Goodbye Junk for over three years now for my business and can highly recommend them as they have never let down.

Reliable, punctual and always go the extra mile.

Susan - Hornsby


No stress removal

I received a return phon call within 5mins of my website enquiry. Then men arrived on time and called me to say they were on their way. The price they gave me on the spot was reasonable and my thins were quickly gone. I was moving and was very relieved to have one less thing to worry about. Both men were really friendly.

I asked for their business card and would definitely recommend them.

IMPORTANT: Goodbye Junk team is still operating across Sydney. We take COVID-19 guidelines very seriously and follow best hygiene practices at every job.